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Deathloop codes: all machine, door, and safe code locations in Deathloop

How to find all Deathloop codes for Delivery Terminals, safes, doors, and more

Where are all of the codes to open safes and doors and unlock machine terminals in Deathloop? In true Arkane tradition, Deathloop is full of safes and locked doors that can only be accessed with three- and four-digit codes. Some of the secrets hidden within are essential to progressing the story, while others just contain some good loot. Some of the Visionaries have also used codes to protect some of their machines, which you'll need to override in order to bypass their security.

All codes in Deathloop are randomised, meaning we can't just furnish you with a list. However the location where you learn each code is fixed, so we've set them out below. With one exception, each random code generated for your game stays the same between loops, and Colt will make a handy note of them to make it easier for you to input them when you reach the keypad.

We've tried to keep this guide free of major spoilers, but since some of these codes are needed to advance the story, we've sometimes had to give the broad strokes to supply context. Within each category, we've put the code locations in roughly the order you're likely to first encounter the door, safe, or machine in question.

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Machine Access Codes

Gideon Fry's Delivery Terminal

  • Code Location: Fia's bunker in Fristad Rock (noon).
  • Machine Location: Various (unlocks Delivery Terminals in every district).

There's an unpowered Delivery Terminal inside a small side-room off the main entrance hall within the bunker in Fristad Rock — follow Fia Zborowska to the district at noon to end up in the right area. Break into the room by smashing the glass in the window. Inside there's a note from Gideon to Fia on the machine, warning her not to share the code — but luckily for you, said code is written on a whiteboard next to the Terminal. Unlike other codes in Deathloop you might need to make a note of this one yourself, as Colt sometimes doesn't recognise it as a discovery until after you've unlocked a Delivery Terminal using it.

Wenjie's Lab Depressurization Controls

  • Code Location: Wenjie's lab annexe in The Complex (noon).
  • Machine Location: Wenjie's lab in The Complex (noon).

Overriding the lab depressurization turns Wenjie's lethal security measures back on her instead, making it a handy method for stealthy assassination. The manual override code is written on a whiteboard found on the bottom floor of the annexe building next to the main lab. However, note that this is the only code in the game that changes between loops, so you'll need to go back and find it again anytime you want to use this machine.

Power Station Generator Controls

  • Code Location: AEON Archives Building in Updaam.
  • Machine Location: Under Loop Control in The Complex (morning).

Having full use of the Power Station Generator is essential for gaining access to the Operation Horizon bunkers around Blackreef. As it stands, you can only open up one bunker without the code, though: the one in The Complex itself. Explore that area and you'll be directed to search the AEON Archives in Updaam (see Archives Gate Code, below). Go there in the afternoon to gain entry to the garage near the gate, the second floor of which contains a bookshelf with a note on it. The note contains the password for the bunker below the Archives. Enter that bunker to find a sealed door with another note posted on it. Good news! This note has the Power Station Generator Control code written on it.

Aleksis' DJ Deck

  • Code Location: Dorsey Manor in Updaam (evening).
  • Machine Location: Dorsey Manor in Updaam (evening).

The DJ decks at Aleksis Dorsey's cannibal masquerade party can be used to lure the Visionary out of hiding, making it much easier to assassinate him. Play Aleksis' favourite song on the decks overlooking the dance floor and he won't be able to resist throwing himself front-and-centre to lead the revelry. To find the code that cues up the track, head to the bathroom in Aleksis' private apartment upstairs in the mansion. Because he's... well... Aleksis, there's another music-mixing panel next to the toilet with his favourite track indicated by the lit-up buttons on it.

Frank's Security Controls

  • Code Location: Charlie Montague's house in Updaam (noon).
  • Machine Location: Frank Spicer's club in Fristad Rock.

Scout around the cliffs behind Frank's club and you'll find a cave housing his uber-paranoid security system. However, the machine that controls (and can be used to override) the system requires a code to operate it. Head to the cave in the morning and help yourself to a ClassPass before leaving the club. After leaving the district, travel to Updaam at noon and go to Charlie's house. Use the ClassPass to let yourself in via the back entrance tunnels and you'll find yourself in a secret room containing Frank's Security Control code.

Door Access Codes

Tunnel Door

  • Code Location: Colt's bunker at the start of the loop.
  • Door Location: Various (unlocks all tunnel exits across Blackreef).

This is the code Colt struggles to remember through much of the tutorial lead "The Longest Day". Simply follow the tutorial mission instructions and you'll eventually learn that the code is written on the postcard attached to the Hackamajig — the one Colt threw away on his first trip through the loop without examining it. When the loop resets you end up back at the entrance to Colt's bunker. Follow the waypoint to interact with the postcard and learn the code.

Archives Gate

  • Code Location: Updaam tunnel exits.
  • Door Location: Updaam tunnel exits (unlocks shortcut between upper and lower tunnels).

This one's fairly easy to find: when you encounter the locked gate separating the upper and lower tunnels into Updaam, there's a note attached to it on the upper tunnels side. The note explains that calls to the nearby telephone booth are causing the gate to glitch open. Hack the booth and keep an eye on the lock to see the buttons flash in sequence before the gate opens, revealing the code and adding it to Colt's discoveries.

The Room

  • Code Locations: Various (see below).
  • Door Location: Opposite Colt's apartment in Updaam (morning).

A weird game is taking place between Eternalists Cassandra, Anatoly, and Vanya. They each have a code to the locked door in the apartment across from Colt's, and the winner of an endurance contest will win access to the contents of "The Room". However, a nearby panel has been rigged to kill two of the participants.

Cassandra's code is written on a note near to the door itself, so you can collect that straight away. The other two codes will require some research on your part across multiple loops.

The nearby panel has three coloured wires attached to it, and if you arrive before the participants in the morning then you can interfere with this device to change which wire is neutralised. By default yellow is the unarmed wire, meaning Cassandra will survive the game. Neutralising the blue wire instead will save Anatoly, while doing the same to the red wire will ensure Vanya survives. To find the latter pair's codes, you need to first save each of them (which can only be done on separate loops) and then follow them to their homes in Karl's Bay later in the day.

Anatoly lives in a blue-fronted house at the end of the street past the Treasure of the Ice. His code is inside (along with several Eternalists). Vanya also lives in a house with a blue awning, accessed through the Gardens of Perception, where his code can be found.

With all three codes in hand you can access The Room at any time of day, but the Eternalist who drops the room's loot is only there in the morning.

Wenjie's Private Quarters

  • Code Location: The Yervha Safe in Karl's Bay.
  • Door Location: Wenjie's lab annexe in The Complex (noon).

In order to get this code you need another code — namely, the one that gets you into The Yervha Safe in Karl's Bay. See below for our guide to obtaining that code and you'll receive this code as part of your loot.

Ordnance Depot Door

  • Code Location: The tunnels leading to The Complex (noon).
  • Door Location: The Ordnance Depot in the tunnels leading to The Complex (noon).

Unlocking this door is one of the final objectives in the "In This Together" Arsenal Lead, which nets you the Strelak Verso gold weapon and a turret from inside the Ordnance Depot. The Lead will begin automatically when travelling to The Complex at noon, so follow the objectives and loot plenty of batteries to deal with de-powered devices in the area that stand in your way. There's a locked door at the very far end of the lower floor which you can power up using a battery. Inside the room is a note with the Ordnance Depot door code.

Hangar 1 Storage Door

  • Code Location: Hangar 2 in Karl's Bay (morning).
  • Door Location: Hangar 1 in Karl's Bay.

This locked door can be found in the disused dry dock area of Hangar 1. Unlocking it gives you an alternate (and significantly easier) access route into Hangar 2, the usual haunt of creepy "wellness guru" Harriet Morse. To find the code, be in the district during the morning and climb into the upper-level walkways of the hangar. You'll find a bridge between the two buildings that is currently your only way into Hangar 2. Once inside the second building, stick to the upper walkways and cross to the opposite side from where you entered to find a note with the door code.

Safe Access Codes

Colt's Safe

  • Code Location: Security Office in Fristad Rock.
  • Safe Location: Colt's apartment in Updaam.

You can examine the safe in Colt's apartment during the tutorial, but you'll need to pick up some clues later in the game before you can open it. Its contents are an essential story beat, so don't worry about missing this one. At a plot-appropriate moment you'll learn that the safe was originally housed in the Security Office in Fristad Rock. Go there and hack the door controls to gain access, then pick up the note attached to the conspicuous empty gap under the counter where the safe used to be to learn the code.

Dorsey Manor Safe

  • Code Location: Various locations around Updaam (noon).
  • Safe Location: Caves below Aleksis Dorsey's mansion in Updaam.

The three codes to this safe are easily the most complicated to obtain in the entire game. Luckily if your patience is low it's completely optional to open this one, though doing so does net you a sweet reward: a glowing object that yields a whopping 5,000 Residuum.

Scouting around the cave reveals a previous would-be safe-cracker's notes, which send you on a treasure hunt all over Updaam to identify the six graffitied numbers you need (there are actually nine digits in the codes, but some of them are used twice). You can actually do most of this sleuthing at any time of day, but since one number's location is only available at noon, we recommend tackling this whole puzzle at that point to make things easier. The locations are as follows:

  • Right opposite the Dorsey Manor entrance, next to the door to Colt's apartment building.
  • On the doorframe at the entrance to Otto's Workshop.
  • Above a closed garage door at the entrance to Charlie Montague's mansion (noon only).
  • On the wall directly to the right of the Archives Gate.
  • On the right-hand pillar of an archway on the cliff edge just past The Moxie.
  • Inside the covered entryway to The Library, on the left-hand side.

The key to the correct combination is written beside the map next to the safe itself: the triangles on the map point to the locations where you found each number, allowing you to identify which numbers go into which codes. Only one triangle is shown on the map itself, although all three are drawn out on the wall next to it as a key. The second triangle is marked on the map by three points with no lines and it's pretty easy to figure out how they connect; while the third's position is indicated by comparing the symbols at each point of the triangle with the matching symbols on the map.

Figuring out which order each code goes in is even easier: the three triangles on the "map key" each have lines drawn across two of their points. The digit you found at the point with zero lines is the first in the code, the digit from the point with one line is the second in the code, and the digit from the point with two lines it the third and final in each code.

Library Safe

  • Code Location: Aleksis Dorsey's mansion (evening).
  • Safe Location: The Library in Updaam (noon).

Opening this safe is a mandatory story beat and therefore can't be missed; the code turns up as part of the "What Wenjies Want" Visionary Lead. When infiltrating Aleksis's party at his home in Updaam in the evening, sneak into his personal apartment on the top floor and read the note from Julianna that contains the code.

Boat Workshop Safe

  • Code Location: On an ice floe offshore of Fristad Rock (afternoon).
  • Safe Location: Boat workshop near the shoreline in Karl's Bay (morning).

This neat bit of environmental storytelling nets you a decent mid-tier trinket as a reward, but is also just a fun little side-story. Visiting the boat workshop down by the shore in Karl's Bay at any time after noon reveals that someone stole the owner's safe and boat and set sail for Fristad Rock. Travel to that district and look out to sea past Frank's Club and Fia's Fortress to spot a boat stranded on an ice floe. Carefully make your way over to it and take the only thing left inside the safe: the code to the safe itself. After restarting the loop, head back to the boat workshop in the morning to open up the safe and pre-empt the other robber.

Yervha Safe

  • Code Location: Fia and Charlie's secret meeting place in Fristad Rock (afternoon).
  • Safe Location: The Yervha Queen of Riddles building in Karl's Bay.

This safe, found in the building in Karl's Bay that houses the Yervha trivia machine, contains a mid-tier trinket, as well as some lore documents and the code you need to unlock the door to Wenjie's private quarters (see above). You can't miss this one as it's part of a Visionary Lead, so follow Fia Zborowska and Charlie Montague to their secret trysting place in a bunker on the shoreline of Fristad Rock. The note with the Yervha safe code is on a console inside.

Wheel-crank safes in Updaam, The Complex, and Karl's Bay

Not every safe in the game is opened with a code: these three require a wheel-crank instead. There are a couple of ways to obtain one of these, but by far the easiest is to find the code to unlock the Delivery Terminals (see above) and order a crank wheel to be conveniently delivered to your location.

Once you've gained access to all the most secret locations on Blackreef, you're going to need to defend yourself against all the Eternalists who won't be pleased to see you. Check out our guides to the best weapons in Deathloop and how to obtain and upgrade slab abilities to ensure that you're well-equipped to defend yourself.

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