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Deaugmented: Deus Ex 3 Highlights Optional

The shimmery outline around key items and interactive objects in Deus Ex: Human Revolution caused a fair bit of consternation amongst Deus Ex fans the other month. Sure, it's useful, but a big glowy yellow highlight around half the stuff in the world isn't ideal for immersion, is it? It's the old 'loot glint' argument all over again... Fortunately, the devs at Eidos Montreal appear to have listened to community feedback - you can now turn the bally thing off if you're so inclined. Below: see what it looks like without glow-o-vision.

Also made optional is objective locators, which is another nice idea and welcome nod to the more steely-jawed DX player.

Here's their explanation of both why they have highlighting in the first place, and why they've decided to make it an option instead of enforced:

Hooray! Good news indeed. Thanks, chaps. I'll definitely be playing DX3 with the highlighting turned off. I'll also probably be playing DX3 in my underwear whilst eating Mini Cheddars, but you don't need to know that.

Thanks, Toner.

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