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Deck Importing guide

How to copy, share and import Hearthstone deck when the new feature goes live.

Blizzard's been teasing a system for importing decks from friends - as well as sites like Metabomb - for a very long time now, but it looks as though the feature will finally be going live in just a few weeks from now.

Based on what we know about the system so far, we wanted to put together a guide to using this new functionality in the game. We'll be updating this article once the feature goes live, but for now this should help give you a good grounding in how Deck Importing will actually work in the live game.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section and we'll do our best to answer them:

How to share a Hearthstone deck with Deck Importing

So you've built the next meta-busting deck, but how do you go about sharing it with your friends? It's actually pretty simple. If you've finished a completed deck, you'll see a new button called Copy, which copies the contents of the deck to your clipboard. Open it up in an editor like notepad and you'll see something that looks like the following:

Towards the bottom of that image you'll notice a long alphanumeric code. This contains all of the information about the make-up of the deck. Give that code to a friend, and they'll be able to use it to tell their Hearthstone client to duplicate the deck in their own game.

How to import a Hearthstone deck with Deck Importing

If a friend wants to play the same deck, all they need to do is copy that long alphanumeric code towards the bottom. If they then try to create a new deck in-game, Hearthstone will detect that they've a deck code in their clipboard and ask if they want to import it. Confirm the process and the deck will then be created automatically.

What if they don't own all of the cards though? Although they won't be able to play the deck in its original form, the cards they don't own will be clearly highlighted. They'll be able to click on them to make changes, and once they have a fully playable deck they'll be good to go!

Importing decks from Metabomb

Once we've seen the system in action we'll be able to finalise our approach to how we help you grab decks from the site using the new feature. Rest assured that we'll have at least some method up and running for launch!

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