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Deck Recipe guides - March 2016

Our round-up of all of the new Deck Recipes in the game, with deck guides.

The new Deck Recipe feature has just gone live in Hearthstone's latest patch, and with it comes a whole host of preset deck lists that cover a pretty decent spread of the game's core decks. There are three such creations per Hero, one of which is considered a Classic list, while the remaining two focus on each Hero's most popular archetypes.

To get started with these new creations from Blizzard, simply head to the My Collection section of the UI, then select New Deck from the bottom of your list of decks. From here, select a Hero, then either create your Custom deck or get stuck into one of the preset lists.

We are currently in the process of producing unique guides for every last one of these 27 new decks, but it's going to take us a few days to cover all of the ground. For that reason, and where we don't currently have a guide to a specific decks, we've included a link to one of our existing guides. Don't worry though, as you'll find the broad strategy remains the same - even if some of the cards are different - and the advice should still be extremely useful!

Let us know how you're getting on in the comments section below. Have any of Blizzard's creations caught you by surprise?


Classic Druid: A very familiar ramp-style Druid where you use Mana-boosting cards to reach into bigger minions, earlier on in the match.

Ferocious Beasts: This deck exploits the - comparatively thin - Beast-synergies populated throughout the Druid's card collection.

Overwhelming Numbers:A zoo-type take on Druid, where strength-in-numbers is rewarded with some powerful burst damage.


Classic Hunter: The bread and butter Midrange-style Hunter deck that snowballs a threat. A rather weak recipe all-round we think.

Deathtrap Hunter: Spell damage is the name of the game in this particular Hunter Deck Recipe. Lay your traps carefully here...

The Thrill of the Hunt: A rather odd deck that packs Desert Camels with not a lot of one-drops (no Injured Kvaldir?). We'll see how this one goes.


Classic Mage: All of the Mage's greatest spells and spell synergy cards in one deck. Likely to prove one of the more solid of the Deck Recipes.

Spells Unending: What's better than spells? More spells! This deck packs plenty of arcane damage in, and then goes digging around for even more.

Dragonfire: As the name suggests, this deck seeks to draw as much synergistic power from the Dragon class of cards as it can.


Classic Paladin: A solid deck built around all of the core strengths of the class. No surprises here - hi Tirion Fordring!

Dragons of Justice: A Dragon-flavoured deck with tonnes of late-game brutality to throw into your opponent's face. A powerful deck played in the right hands.

Tide of Murlocs: The home of Anyfin Can Happen. This deck continues to bother the metagame, and is well worth mastering.


Classic Priest: All of the core - tremendously annoying - aspects of the Priest in one handy deck. A great way to learn the Hero.

Strike With the Shadows: Turn that healing into raw spell-power damage, and make the opponent wish they'd never been born.

Dragonflight: Dragon Priest has been a solid part of the Priest arsenal for some time now, and this version is as typical of the archetype as it gets.


Classic Rogue: Your starting point for mastering all of the combo basics that are part and parcel of playing the Rogue.

It's Combo Time: When you're really ready to get stuck into combo-powered antics, take a turn with this deck. Trickier to play, but well worth adding to your arsenal.

Empowered Spells: The Malygos Rogue continues to grow in popularity, and it's clearly caught Blizzard's eye as well.


Classic Shaman:The Basic Shaman evolved, but still retaining a very familiar flavour of what makes this Hero tick.

Totally Totems: If it involves Totems, you'll find it here. Bloodlust feels conspicuous by its absence here.

Murlocks Unleashed: Because who doesn't like to send a mountain of Murlocs tumbling into their opponent's face?


Classic Warlock: A rather primitive deck which wants to be Zoo but doesn't quite have the cards to back it up. A bit of an odd one.

Demon Horde: This is more like it. Here you'll find most of the cards that have come to be popularised in the so-called Flood Zoo format.

Handlock: The classic Handlock for those who like to live dangerously and swap Health points for cards without a care in the world.


Classic Warrior: A pretty good starting point for those new to the Warrior, although you'll need Grommash Hellscream for the finisher. Pricey but worth it.

Unleash Your Rage: Everyone's favourite Grim Patron Warrior-powered nonsense machine. Not even the Warsong nerf could kill it.

Reno Jackson: Reno's more popular in Warlock these days, but there's still a place for him in this Warrior deck. Give it a go if you like to be in it for the long game!

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