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Dell's 240Hz gaming monitor is 50% off in the US - just $150

This 24.5-in model is a great choice for FPS, MOBA, racing and more.

Dell's excellent budget 240Hz gaming monitor, the S2522HG, is down to $150 at the brand's US store today. That's a 50% reduction from its regular price and a great deal for any 240Hz monitor, let alone a modern Fast IPS monitor that has garnered a barrage of warm reviews.

So who's this monitor for? With its 24.5-in span and 1080p resolution, this 240Hz model is a great choice for owners of entry-level to mid-range PCs that want a fluid experience in faster-paced games, especially competitive titles like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and DotA. It's not limited to FPS and MOBA titles either, as the extra fluidity enhances platformers, racing games and basically any game where timing is key. The step up from 60Hz to 240Hz is pretty incredible if you've not tried it, and there are some fluidity benefits to 240Hz even if you're used to a high refresh rate 120Hz, 144Hz or 165Hz monitor.

Perhaps more importantly, the Dell S2522HG costs only a bit more than most good 144Hz monitors of this size; getting 240Hz for $150 is an absolute steal for anyone with competitive ambitions.

Besides its raw specs, the Dell is a well-built machine with good ergonomic adjustability - including height adjustment, 90-degree rotation and VESA compatibility - and a good selection of ports, with two HDMI 2.0 inputs for consoles/laptops and DisplayPort 1.2 which you'll want to use for PC if possible. There are also four USB-A ports, making it a handy hub for connecting your peripherals without climbing under your desk to reach the back of your PC. The OSD is straightforward, always a Dell strength, with options for lightening darker areas (helping to spot hidden enemies) and various game modes.

As this is a Fast IPS monitor, it's a strong choice outside of gaming as well. You get good colour accuracy, 99% sRGB coverage and wide viewing angles, which is important for creative work and watching videos, while the decent contrast (~1000:1) and fast pixel response times (1ms) don't quite hold up to the best OLED monitors but are still excellent for a display at this price point.

Overall then, this is a strong recommendation for the S2522HG at this $150 price point. If you're in the market for a monitor of this spec, I dare say you won't find anything better for the money!

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