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Dell's RTX 30-series laptops and desktops are 20% off today

Plus a £1600 Razer ultraportable that's selling for £922

RTX 30-series graphics cards have been almost impossible to come by since they launched last year, but the situation seems to be slowly improving in the UK. Today, Dell are running a 20% off sale that brings an RTX 3060 Ti desktop PC to just £1079, while you can pick up an RTX 3050 Ti laptop for just £800. There's also a heck of a Razer Blade deal on Amazon, where a £1600 Razer Book 13 ultraportable for just £922. 

Each one of these deals deserves its own time in the spotlight, so let's cover them one-by-one - starting with that 3060 Ti desktop deal that should be a real highlight for anyone looking for this nearly impossible-to-find graphics card.

This G5 Gaming Desktop offers a compact form factor and stylish gaming aesthetic, but the real star of the show are the components. The RTX 3060 Ti offers excellent 1080p or 1440p performance, often out-performing an RTX 2080 Super and providing nearly double the frame-rate of the legendary GTX 1070. This is backed by the capable Core i7 10700F, 16GB of dual-channel 2933MHz memory, a 1TB NVMe SSD and a 500W power supply. With the RTX 3060 Ti selling for literally £1250 on Ebay right now, the inclusion of this graphics card in a £1079 PC basically means you get the rest of the build for free - you could theoretically sell every component here and come out with a tidy profit. Of course, the best play is just to pick up a solid gaming PC at a 20% discount, a rarity these days.

Next up is the Dell G15 gaming laptop, using a similar 20% off code. This is another 10th-gen Core i7 system, but with the brand-new RTX 3050 Ti for under £800. We've not tested this mobile GPU ourselves, but it should offer extremely solid performance at 1080p - perfectly suited for this laptop's Full HD 120Hz panel. The other specs are great too, including 16GB of RAM, a 512GB NVMe SSD and Wi-Fi 6. Altogether, this is a really nice pickup for the money.

Finally we have a Razer Book 13. This isn't a Razer Blade, it's more of a portability-focused machine with a 13-in screen, Iris Xe graphics and 11th-gen Core i7 processor. That means it won't be the best choice for playing the latest games, but the integrated graphics are more than fast enough for esports titles and older games. This model retails for £1600 on Razer's official UK store, but it's been steadily reduced on Amazon UK and now costs just £922 - a great deal for a laptop with these specs.

We hope these deals have been helpful - stay tuned for more as we find 'em!

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