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Desperados 3 has added four new challenges to vex you

Geralt of Rivia returns to Desperados 3 today with another four Baron's Challenges for you. These are the bonus missions which revisit levels with some weirder objectives at the invitation of The Baron, voiced by yer witchy man Doug Cockle. The game launched with only five such Challenges, so another four in a free patch is a good whack more - and a good excuse to revisit a great game. Here's a trailer with Doug encouraging you to ruin a party:

The four missions coming in what they call "Baron's Challenge Mission Pack #1" are:

  • Vanishing Act: A certain snake-oil salesman is peddling his wares at the town square of Flagstone. Make him disappear.
  • Untitled Voodoo Mission: Isabelle is about to crash Mayor Higgins' wedding, and she has brought a LOT of mind control darts.
  • Public Transportation: Two dead men must be carried to the Eagle Falls train station. The guards won't shoot on sight, but if they see a body...
  • Bird Hunting: Doc is perched on the roof of Casa DeVitt, with plenty of ammo and five targets on his list. The party is still going. Happy hunting.

Today's patch also fixes a few crashes, adds support for Tobii Eye Tracking peripherals, expands renderscaling for ultrawide monitors, and adds Borderless Fullscreen mode. See the patch 1.2 notes for more.

The makers are planning some more substantial additions for paid add-ons. The £12 Season Pass will cover three new missions telling a new story set after the events of the main game. Those are still to come.

Our Desperados 3 review says the revival of the real-time tactical series is "every bit as brilliant" as developers Mimimi's previous game, Shadow Tactics. High praise!

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