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Desperados 3 is out now, and it's great

It's as good as Shadow Tactics

The rootin', tootin', squad-based tactical shooting that is Desperados 3 finally launched today, reviving the Commandos-esque noughties series created by Spellbound Entertainment. It's been placed in great hands: Minimi, the makers of Shadow Tactics, and our Desperados 3 review from Commandos devotee Tim Stone declares Desperados 3 "every bit as brilliant" as Shadow Tactics. So, that's good. It has a demo too.

Desperados 3 returns to the wicki-wicki-wild wild west for more squad-based tactical action. Our squad of a bounty hunter, trapper, witch, hitman, and seductive face all sorts of missions where their different skills can come together in many different and wonderful ways. Tim walked through a few scenarios in his review:

"The tactical freedom that, along with handsome, atmospheric maps and likeable multi-talented characters, ensured Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive's immortality, returns with a vengeance in the beautifully crafted Desperados III. Although I chose to cleanse that clearing with help from Hector's mantrap and axe, Cooper's knife, and Isabelle's cat, blowpipe and 'connect' power, there are countless other ways I could have tackled it. Doc's gas bottles and booby-trapped bag, Kate's womanly wiles, Cooper's six-shooters, Hector's sawn-off... with a little thought, experimentation, and help from Showdown Mode (a handy device for queuing and synchronising multiple actions) other tools would probably have done the trick equally well. Heck, if I'd wanted to I could have avoided the clearing entirely, and chosen another route to the grounded river steamer that served as the slavers' HQ."

You can see for yourself in a free two-mission demo available on Steam (look in the right sidebar clutter) and GOG.

Now that Desperados 3 is out, three DLC missions are coming later this year in the £12 season pass. Two free content updates are coming in July and August with four new bonus challenge missions each too.

Desperados 3 is out now for Windows on Steam and GOG for £45/€50/$50, with Mac and Linux versions due to follow this summer. It's made by Mimimi and published by THQ Nordic. Desperados is out on PS4 and Xbone as well.

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