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Desperados 3 now has a free tabletop RPG


In case you're somehow already done with the delightful Desperados 3, publishers THQ Nordic have launched an official Desperados tabletop roleplaying game. Together with the pen & paper people at Pegasus, it the rootin' tootin' tactical video game into one of those there imaginary games where you and your squadmates can pash whenever you want. It's out now, and it's free to download - printer not included.

The Desperados RPG is about, y'know, wild west stuff. Like the game, it's basically straight but does splash in a touch of magic. I couldn't for the life of me tell you which RPG system it uses but it looks pretty simple. You'll need to print character sheets, counters, and a few scenery bits, then scavenge a few six-sided dice from any game. Here's Becca Scott to explain:

Head on over to DriveThruRPG to download the Desperados RPG. You will need to create an account, then it'll give you the game as PDFs.

Credits in the book say it's originally developed and written by Ian Lemke, who writes for The Expanse's RPG adaptation, and adapted and rewritten by André Frenzer, who has written Call Of Cthulhu scenarios.

Our Desperados 3 review declared it "every bit as brilliant" as Shadow Tactics, the previous squad 'em up from Minimi Games. So, it's good. It's out now on Steam and GOG for £45/€50/$50, and has a demo available on both stores too.

Shadow Tactics came to tables too, with a board game funded on Kickstarter in 2019.

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