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Destiny 2 quest for Felwinter's Lie is fixed, and an easy way to get a great PvP shotgun

Some new story too

After a bumpy journey with daft amounts of grind and a halting bug, Destiny 2's latest quest, The Lie, can be completed. That's the one where our not-so-benevolent AI overlord, Rasputin, wanted us to grind Seraph Towers and shotgun kills. The final step brings a new bit of story, which is quite nice, and a new shotgun you really might want if you play PvP. Aggressive-type shotguns are superhot at the moment, and Bungie are here offering everyone an easy (albeit grindy) way to get a guaranteed good one, Felwinter's Lie.

The Lie started last Tuesday with a mammoth communal goal to grind Seraph Towers, the seasonal activity about defending zones to charge Rasputin's satellite launches. The Towers being a bit dull by now and difficult to complete with whichever random pubbies happen to pass by, the goal was looking like unlikely to get hit this season. So Bungie whammed on a huge multiplier and it was completed on Sunday. Soon after, we discovered the final step of quest was bugged and wouldn't start. So! Finally, on Thursday night, Bungie fixed that in a diddy hotfix. You can now complete the quest and claim its reward, Felwinter's Lie.

I won't talk much about the story stuff because it's nice to see for yourself. I'm sure you can find videos on YouTube if you wanna watch. I will say I'm disappointed that we're continuing to ignore the impending extinction event of a miles-long spaceship crashing into Earth, and with just over a fortnight left in the season to resolve this. But it's a nice little storybit in itself, sure.

Felwinter's Lie, that I will talk about. It's a Legendary solar shotgun of the Aggressive frame variety, and comes as a fixed roll with a choice of great perks. Two Aggressives are the hot PvP shotguns this season, Astral Horizon and Mindbender's Ambition, but you'll likely need to win a lot in Trials Of Osiris or grind a lot of Nightfalls to get a great one. Felwinter's Lie comes fixed with Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, a Range Masterwork, a choice of Slideshot or Quickdraw, and a choice of Opening Shot or Vorpal Weapon. Very nice. It also has a unique trait, Shot Package, which gives its spread a fairly consistent pattern. You can quibble a bit over potential and perk preferences, but it's undeniably a fantastic PvP shotgun - and easy for anyone to get.

You do need to get 1000 shotgun kills for the quest, which is a chore but not difficult. Just slap shotgun ammo finder and scavenger mods on your armour, then go play whatever regular PvE you want armed with a kinetic shotgun, an energy shotgun, and Tractor Cannon or Legend Of Acrius in your power slot - you'll be fine. Or you can do it in PvP, where each shotgun kill is worth six. It's rare for great PvP gear to be so easy to come by.

I hope Bungie consider putting top-tier weapons behind quests like this more. With their plans to put limits on how long most weapons can be upgraded to the Power cap, they need to be more generous in handing out the good stuff. The current grind cannot continue if weapons will be on a timer to become less useful. I'm also in favour of meta-defining weapon types being easier for anyone to get. I am cautiously hopeful about 'sunsetting' giving Bungie more space to create powerful and interesting weapons knowing they can't cause permanent problems. Just please, don't destroy Titan.

Do note that Power level doesn't matter in a lot of Destiny. Felwinter's Lie will keep being great for regular PvP until weapon balance shifts. After a year its Power cap might start to drag you down in Iron Banner or Trials, but that means nothing in plain old Crucible.

Speaking of the future, the latest This Week At Bungie post reveals the World loot pool for Season 11, with a whole lot of guns phasing out and some oldies coming back. They're also trying to make more gun perks viable by nerfing the ever-popular perks which speed up reloads and buffing some rubbo perks, like Hipfire Grip and Pulse Monitor. They also detail buffs for slug shotguns and bows in PvE and high-impact pulse rifles in PvP. Sounds like Aggressive hand cannons might get some love too. Adaptive autos might get brought more in line with other autos, though.

Help keep track of future plans, I was recently pointed to the Destiny roadmap on, which keeps track of Bungie's statements and puts them into a calendar. That's dead useful.

Oh! Be careful not to accidentally dismantle Felwinter's Lie. Bungie warn that you can't currently pull a new one from Collections, which will be fixed in a future update.

Here's noted theorycrafter "Fallout" with some Felwinter's Lie analysis and action:

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