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Destiny 2 needed to roll back characters after emptying spacewallets

Oh dear

Last night's new Destiny 2 patch had the unintended consequence of deleting many players' hard-ground cash and upgrade materials, causing Bungie to take the MMOFPS offline for nine hours while they fixed it. Their solution was to roll characters back to their state before the patch, which has the unfortunate side-effect of wiping out everything players did between the patch launching and the emergency maintenance started. A big mess right there. Some players report they still have things missing after the rollback.

Update 2.7.1 launched at 5pm on Tuesday, and many players noticed instantly upon logging in that they'd lost all their Glimmer spacebucks, their earned Bright Dust for cosmetics, their paid Silver microtransaction cash, and upgrade materials like Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards. Some of those upgrade materials are super-rare and Silver costs real money so this was a huge problem.

Bungie announced at 5:31 that they were investigating the issue, then at 6:05 that they were taking the game offline for emergency maintenance. While they investigated and worked on a fix, the game was down until 3:18am today.

"We have rolled all character data back to our most recent backup at 8:30 a.m. Pacific [4:30pm for us] before the issue was introduced," Bungie explained. "This will restore any lost materials caused by the issue, but players will lose any progress they made if they played between 8:30 a.m and 10:20 a.m. when we brought the game down for maintenance. Any purchases made using Silver or Bright Dust during this window will need to be repurchased. Any Silver spent or purchased will be restored."

Must suck if you got some sweet loot during the period lost to the rollback. Those were also the dying minutes of the latest Iron Banner event, one of the few ways to get Pinnacle-grade drops, so some folks will have lost those. As someone still searching for a pair of 970 trousers, I sympathise.

The problems don't seem fully resolved yet, mind. Some players have reported that they're still missing their Silver after the rollback. Others have reported that the ultra-rare Ascendant Shards they'd bravely/foolishly kept stored in their post box are gone too. It's not yet clear quite how common these follow-up issues are.

Players who ran through the Corridors of Time collecting pages of the lore book 'The Pidgeon and the Phoenix' will find that has vanished too, though Bungie say this "is a separate issue and will be resolved in a future update."

The intended consequences of Update 2.7.1 are actually quite good. They include:

  • Performance improvements in certain parts of the Pit of Heresy and Garden of Salvation.
  • No more randomly dying in the Pit of Heresy when entering the Tunnels of Despair.
  • Notifications when Vex sacrifice on relays during the Garden of Salvation.
  • The Exotic autorifle Hard Light has lost its awful screenshake.
  • Hush, the most fun bow, now works better with Seasonal mods.
  • A number of exploit fixes, including another two with that old diamond, Telesto.
  • Eris now gives her final loreblast, letting scholars complete that book.

Shame about the horrible mess. See the patch notes for more.

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