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Destiny 2 PC stuttering fix coming today

So long, f-f-f-framerate stuttering

A cheeky little hotfix patch is coming to Destiny 2 today to fix a framerate stuttering bug caused by, er, the previous hotfix. It's a small patch but the eyemashing of hitching frames can really make a game irritating or difficult to play, so it needs fixing sharpish. And that's what Hotfix will do today.

The problems arrived in Hotfix, which launched on Thursday, November 2nd. Three hours later, Bungie said "We are actively investigating reports of Destiny 2 PC frame rate stuttering after accepting Hotfix" After a few days of investigation and work, they announced on Sunday that they had a fix and it'd be out today:

That support page explains that folks playing when the hotfix hits should be able to finish their current activity, not getting booted instantly, but after they're done they'll need to restart to update.

So that's that. Destiny 2 is best on PC, young Matthew Cox will tell you, but the platform is inherently more prone to little quirks and problems like this. It's good Bungie are fixing 'em relatively quickly.

I've still not touched Destiny 2 though, from what Pip tells me, the showboating Gunslinger sounds right up my cyberstreet. No, the few pals I do have Destineering are scattered across platforms and heck, we're all still playing Plunkbat instead anyway. But I do like showboating...

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