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Destiny 2 players can now link and Steam accounts, and should

Or you'll lose it all

Guardians playing Destiny 2 on PC can now link their account to their Steam account in preparation for the big move in October. Now that Bungie are self-publishing their MMOFPS, taking over from Activision, it's leaving the store and client and coming to Steam. We will all need to switch, as it won't be playable on anymore. Best do that now, eh? The whole process only takes a minute or so.

The switch will carry over your full game account, with all your characters, gear, inventory, Silver microtransaction cash, expansions, and that. Whatever the state of your Destiny 2 on, it'll be the same on Steam. You will need to rebuild your friends list on Steam, though.

Destiny 2 isn't yet playable on Steam and won't be until the free-to-play 'New Dawn' relaunch on October 1st. After that, it won't be playable on Bungie are a little vague on whether you'll be able to transfer after October 1st or your account and characters and things will be lost. I could've sworn I read in the transfer process that they would be lost but... it's been a long morning and now I'm doubting my memory. God help me I'm tired.

Hit Bungie's PC Move page to switch. You'll need your Bungie and Steam logins handy. That red warning bar at the top of the page will turn green once you're safely linked. Then, you just have to wait six weeks.

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Bungie plan to launch another sort of linking later today too. 'Cross Save' will let players link PC and console Destiny 2 accounts together to share characters, so they can switch platform or even play the same Guardians across several. This is not cross-platform multiplayer and this is not account merging, but you wll be able to designate one Destiny 2 account your main then have its characters and inventory accessible on other platforms. That's a fairly niche feature, but still useful for people who fancy switching platform.

Another important thing to note with Cross Save is its for characters and inventory, not granting accesses to expansions owned on other problems or sharing Silver. It's probably a feature that'll become more useful or more enticing when the game goes free-to-play, so switchers will have to re-buy less.

Destiny 2: New Light will make the base game, the first two expansions, the PvEvP mode Gambit, and open-world areas free for everyone. Further expansions and content seasons will be sold separately, as well as more microtransaction cosmetic doodads.

October 1st will also bring the launch the next expansion, Shadowkeep, and the next season of live content, Season Of The Undying. Bungie whammed trailers for both of those out this week at Gamescom:

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I do still adore those cursed lunar looks.

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I'm gonna find where they keep that bottle of Vex milk and glug it right down.

Oh! And! If you missed it last week, Bungie hosted a livestream explaining how the keenly-anticipated 'Armour 2.0' system coming with New Dawn will work. Basically, rather than grinding for armour with the specific perks we want, we'll be able to unlock equivalent mods to slot into armour - with some restrictions. I'm a little wary of how those restrictions might affect my builds, but looking forward to cutting out some grind. Watch the archived stream for more:

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