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Destiny 2's PlayStation-exclusive bits hitting PC in 2018

Better late than never?

If you've been closely following the Destiny 2 [official site] newsfest blastnews announceblam out of E3, you'll likely know that Bungie's online looter-shooter: 1) has a PC release date seven weeks after the console launch; 2) has pretty things; and 3) has a cooperative mission, a multiplayer map, and some weapons and gear cordoned off as PlayStation exclusives. I bring okay-ish news on point 3. Those exclusive PlayBits will come to PC eventually, Bungie have confirmed, but not until 2018. Here, watch this trailer for all the stuff we'll receive late:

What you're seeing there is 'Lake of Shadows', a cooperative Strike mission "to stop the The Red Legion from constructing a time bridge", along with the PvP map Retribution, the element-switching Exotic-grade sniper rifle Borealis, three armour sets, and a unique (cosmetic-only) model for the ship that shuttles players around.

If you're playing on PC, you'll need to wait until 2018 for these, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith confirmed in a tweety-twoo yesterday. None of these exclusive bits are vital but it's always a bummer to miss out because of marketing jazz intended to one-up another console, especially when the PC release is already coming late (October 24th is the big day, chums).

On the bright side, by all accounts the PC version seems to be the best one technically, with enough frames and pixels to make even the most aloof of calculators swoon.

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