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Deus Ex Is 15, So Here's Cartoon Denton & Jensen

And just the tiniest glimpse of poor old Alex Denton

The Deus Ex series, with its highest of highs and most middling of lows, is 15 years old. Old men, running the world. But not complicated pre-order schemes. They can't run those, it appears. The anniversary is being used to promote upcoming fourth game Mankind Divided, due out in February (thus I will be a man divided between it and XCOM 2), and so we get this animated trailer which is mostly tease for the new title but does include various shots of characters from the first game. Who ever would have thought glimpses of Bob Page and Walton Simmons could make us feel so warm and fuzzy?

Oh my God! JC! A birthday! A birthday!

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All present and correct: infinitely escalating music, gold, gold and more gold, Adam Jensen monologuing, not even remotely subtle Icaraus metaphors and jibber-jabber about understanding humanity. I like it: this is what we wanted. But given the blurb says "From JC Denton to Adam Jensen, we’re looking back at 15 years of Deus Ex with a unique animated trailer, recreating some of the most iconic scenes from the series", it's disappointing that the video's essentially a Jensen-fest with just a few brief flashes of the Denton saga. Deus Ex 2 gets even shorter thrift, but we all know why that is.

February 23rd is the release date for Mankind Divided, but we'll have a deeper and more meaningful look at it before then.

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