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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Jacking Into Linux & Mac

Hack the planet

Yeah, yeah I hacked my cyberlegs to run a custom kernel I compile myself. You've got to, you know. The Man fills your legs with all sorts of spyware, you know. Yeah, the 'Aug Incident' and all that but did you know The Man can read your pedometer count, correct your gait for you, and even jack olfaction sensors to tell when you last changed your socks? No mate, it's Linux for my legs.

Which is to say that planet-hackers should be pleased that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] is on its way to Linux. They might scoff at news it's coming to Mac too.

Port-o-publishers Feral Interactive today announced they'll release native Mac and Linux versions later this year.

On the technical side of things, Feral have confirmed that the Mac version will use Apple's Metal graphics API. However, Feral don't yet have word on whether Mankind Divided will use its counterpart, Vulkan, on Linux. They've no news on whether it'll use the Denuvo DRM either.

Folks who've already bought Mankind Divided on Steam for Windows will get access to the Mac and Linux versions for free (and vice versa), in the usual Steam Play way.

If you've been quietly ignoring Mankind Divided until ports were announced, hey, you might be interested in Wot Graham Thinks of it or why Alec is so sick of Adam Jensen. Or if you don't know what Deus Ex even is, my chat with Pip will... not necessarily help.

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