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Devolver Digital announce a buzz saw bullet hell called Disc Room

Disc World was taken, apparently

Has science gone too far? If there's just a bunch of buzz saws flying around a room that you for some reason willingly walked into, I'll argue yes. Devolver Digital announced Disc Room today, a gore-y new game where you're a scientist who's had the rat in a maze paradigm flipped on them. Now you get to find your way through a maze of rooms except also they all want to kill you.

Disc World Room is comin' at ya as a collaboration between a bunch of folks wot have done the indie game thing before. High Hell developer Terri Vellmann is teaming up with those Minit folks JW Nijman and Kitty Calis. Nijman is also half of Vlambeer who are known for these sorts of fast-paced bang-bang things. Excellent soundtrack slinger Doseone, who you'll recognise from Enter The Gungeon, joins the squad as well.

The year is 2089 and a giant disc is orbiting Jupiter. Inside the disc are more discs. They are sharp and will cut you in half. From the trailer below it looks like some of the rooms have time limits. Some of the discs shoot more discs. Some discs are speedy. Oh and of course there's an absolutely obligatory room where you can't see a damn thing more than five feet from you. Looks like an absolute horror show.

Devolver say "what kills you only makes you stronger," so if it weren't clear enough from the square rooms with a bunch of exits I suspect we're looking at one of them rogue-like-like things where you've got meta progression between all of your horrific buzz saw fatalities.

Devolver announced today that Disc Room is coming sometime in 2020 but haven't set a date yet. You can wishlist it on Steam.

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