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Disc Room will always be set 69 years in the future


Disc Room is a nice videogame. It's a topdown dodge 'em up in which you must dash between spinning blades to survive long enough to unlock new rooms. It's made by a group of developers including Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis, who previously worked together on Minit. Nijman has been keeping a Twitter thread since October 2020 in which he talks about Disc Room's "game feel" - all the little details they added to make a simple concept into something fun and polished.

This past week Nijman updated the thread with info on a little easter egg. Last year, Disc Room was set in the year 2089. Now that it's 2021, the game is set in 2090.

"Now that it's 2021, I can safely spoil that Disc Room will always be Set In The Future," Nijman writes. "It used to be set in 2089, but just so that our ancestors don't have to deal with the whole "this is the year disc room was set in" drama we add an extra year whenever necessary."

This is a simple detail and a dumb joke, but it's also a good joke and I love it. It's weirdly also the exact kind of focus and refinement Brendy praised in his Disc Room review.

Now if only they'd update the game's trailer on Steam, which still says "the year is 2089."

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