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Diablo III Patch 2.4 Out On PTR Next Week

Hot to trot

Have you played Diablo III [official site]? For me it's one of those games I find myself drawn back to time and time again for reasons I'm not entirely sure I can explain. I love messing about with it, basically, tinkering with builds, developing individual traits, I can never seem to be finished with it. The latest patch - number 2.4 - is huge and brings with it plenty more reasons why I won't be done with it anytime soon.

A fair wad of information came with the Diablo III patch 2.4 announcement at BlizzCon this weekend. Give's the highlights then, I hear you cry. Well, exclusive to Adventure mode, Gravehollow Island - to be part of Act V - is a brand new wooded zone that will introduce 16 new monsters to its confines. Worse still, it's one of those dodgy forests - you know, the ones that crop up time and time again in video games; the ones that are all windy and foggy, wherein you can't help but get perpetually lost. "The land itself is said to be hungry for blood", says the patch notes. Aye, that's the ones. Two new areas will also expand Sanctuary: the Eternal Woods and the Royal Quarters, which will include over 175 new bounties spread across acts III, IV, and V.

For my fellow tinkerers, Set Items are getting a revamp in an effort to bring more parity across classes, some of which will see total overhauls - Thorns of the Invoker and the Shadow’s Mantle, for example. Blizzard reckon these updates will grant players greater power so in turn greater challenge has been introduced by way of Set Dungeons: non-randomised areas that'll let players test out and master their perfect (sure, "perfect") sets. "Once you complete and don the full six pieces of any given class set, you’ll receive a clue to track down an ancient dungeon designed just for you and your set," reads the blurb.

When addressing items, the patch notes read: "It wouldn’t be a new content patch in Diablo without a slew of new items." There's loads, apparently, so much that Blizzard "couldn’t possibly cover them all here." What they do list is the fact there'll be 40 new Legendaries, new powers added to existing power-less Legendaries, a slew of completely new items, and updates to some existing powers that "previously lacked that familiar orange text."

That getting you excited? Full patch 2.4 information can be got, grabbed and grasped here.

Diablo III's patch 2.4 is out on the PTR latter half of next week.

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