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Diablo 4 is coming to Game Pass on March 28th

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Diablo's demonic Lilith in artwork for Diablo: The Roleplaying Game and Diablo: The Board Game
Image credit: Blizzard/Glass Cannon Unplugged

Diablo 4 is headed to Game Pass, Microsoft have announced. It'll be the first Activision Blizzard game to arrive on the subscription service since Microsoft acquired them, and it'll arrive on March 28th.

A trailer announcing Diablo 4's arrival on Game Pass.Watch on YouTube

Microsoft announced the release during this evening's official Xbox podcast, in which the company also confirmed that four of their games would be coming to platforms other than Xbox and Windows. Phil Spencer declined to confirm which four games, saying the developers themselves would announce that later, but they are widely reported to be Grounded, Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and Sea of Thieves. Spencer did say that Starfield and the new Indiana Jones game were not among those going multi-platform.

Diablo 4 launched in June last year via Blizzard's own store, then came to Steam in October. Some of its post-release updates since then have had a rough reception, with season 3 launching in January.

Alice B found the monster-clicker to be beautiful but frictionless in her Diablo 4 review, the kind of game where hours can slip by and leave you "wondering what you've done with your life." Same as Diablo ever was, then, and kind of the ideal game for a subscription service that needs to provide something to keep you hooked in between major new game releases.

During the rest of the podcast, Microsoft affirmed their commitment to hardware, to platform exclusives, to backwards compatibility, and to the next-gen. That's not really relevant to us PC players, but new first-party Microsoft games will apparently be announced this June, and more Activision Blizzard games are said to be on the way to Game Pass.

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