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Dicey Dungeons can now be played in Irish, with a gamepad

As it should

Localisation is a tough task, even when not considering languages English has tried its hardest to stamp out over the centuries. But today's 1.8 update for Dicey Dungeons brings developer Terry Cavanagh's dice-roller a little closer to home by adding full Irish language support, alongside proper gamepad controls, balance overhauls and two new baddies who've been waiting on the sidelines since launch.

Described by Brendy in his Dicey Dungeons review, Cavanagh's latest is a charming "make-your-own-luck" dice-rolling deck-builder with some powerful Saturday morning cartoon vibes. This week's patch doesn't dramatically change the game, instead quietly adding some very welcome additions to the game's dice pool.

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On the technical side, Update 1.8 adds gamepad support to Dicey Dungeons along with two new(ish) enemies: the Bounty Hunter and Drain Monster. I say new-ish, because both were cut at the last minute before the game's launch last August. While the Bounty Hunter had a chance of showing up as a remix baddie or achievement challenge, Drain Monster hasn't seen daylight 'til now, with both now appearing as rare encounters.

But the secret highlight of today's patch is full localisation into Gaeilge. In spite of my (largely Northern) Irish roots, I sadly don't know much of anything about the Irish tongue. But its addition is a welcome one - something developer Cavanagh felt was a "big deal" to implement given the lack of games available in his ancestral tongue, and worked with the translators at Ríomhacadamh to make a reality.

He does, at least, take a moment to shout out Dreamfeel's If Found - a game that, beyond having language support, also provides contextual descriptions for Irish cultural touchstones throughout its text. Its addition in Dicey Dungeons should also be a welcome one for the streamers keeping the Irish language alive on Twitch, a community that does fantastic work with what little they're given by way of official localisations.

Update 1.8 also comes with a "substantial design update" to Robot Episode 3, plus a number of optimisations, balance tweaks and bug fixes that can be found over on the official patch notes.

Disclosure: Former RPSer Pip Warr contributed words for Dicey Dungeons.

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