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Dicey Dungeons planning big updates, ports, and expanded mod support

Big updates, mods, and ports on the way to Dicey Dungeons

Some big updates, ports to new platforms, and expanded mod support are coming to Dicey Dungeons, lead developer Terry Cavanagh has announced, laying out his plans for the deckbuilding roguelike's future. Our Brendy said the game was quite good in our Dicey Dungeons review when it launched three months ago, not just because you can power through episodes as furry bearlike dice, and the devs have since given it six updates and a Halloween event. Soon players will be able to make even more of an impact on Dicey Dungeons themselves, thanks to the upcoming mod-focused update 1.7.

In a blog post yesterday, Cavanagh explained that the focus for Dicey Dungeons "will be shifting focus to modding support for a while." Update 1.7 should allow players to be far more creative with their mods for Dicey Dungeons, and I can't wait to see where they go with their creations - or how long it takes someone to build a complete Dungeons & Dragons campaign for the anthropomorphic dice.

Cavanagh also wrote that he plans to release "some more big updates" for the game in the future, though a big Christmas Special is out of the question. However, players will see more sizeable updates similar to the Halloween Special in Dicey Dungeons again.

The second-biggest piece of news for the future of Dicey Dungeons is that ports are coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, though not before summer 2020 at the earliest. Cavanagh says he wants the ports to be good, and is trying to take it easy in general.

The developer described how he regrets his actions following the release of one of his earlier games, Super Hexagon. Moving quickly from one project to another straight after release apparently harmed both games, which is why Cavanagh wants to stay focused on supporting Dicey Dungeons with updates and post-launch content for the foreseeable future.

The changes players will see soonest include "improved touch controls on the PC version, as well as keyboard and joypad controls." Updates may take some time though, as Cavanagh says he wants to stick to standard working hours and take more time off, bringing back some semblance of a normal working life for himself.

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