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Have You Played... Dicey Dungeons?

Critical success!

Lately, whenever I've had a spare couple of minutes, it's become a habit to fire up Dicey Dungeons. It's an RPG that is played over the course of many, many runs. I've succeeded rarely and failed often, yet somehow I've come back for more. Lady Luck has enticed me with her lethal game show of dice rolling.

I had it on my Steam wishlist thanks to the always missed Brendan and his excellent review back in the summer of last year. It was always my intention to buy it when things quietened down, but just before Christmas, it was taken out of my hands when a friend gifted it to me. I'm very thankful that they did, 'cos I haven't been able to keep myself away from it since

Dicey Dungeons lets you take on the roll of six unlockable dice with different unique abilities of a dungeon crawling adventure flavour. These range from the mundane but useful Warrior re-roll ability, to the infuriating Inventor ability to scrap an item after every fight. A successful run is based a little bit on luck. Well, actually there's a lot of luck involved, but you can mitigate your dice rolls with equipment found in shops or in treasure chests as you explore the dungeon. Brendan said it's a bit like Slay The Spire, but for dice rolling games.

The main draw for me is just how quick each run is. No playthrough lasted longer than around 20 minutes, just enough time to get my fix before doing something else. There is an end-game, but I like that I can take my time to just play it at my own pace. It's also charming throughout, with an inviting art style and the grooviest soundtrack by Chipzel (who also worked on Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon). My favourite track is probably this one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I do hear Lady Luck calling to me again. She says the next run will be a good one.

Disclosure: Former RPS treehouse-mate Pip Warr did some writing for Dicey Dungeons.

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