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Dicey Dungeons scares up new challenges and monsters for a Halloween update

Roll me an update

As I was lurching around my neighbourhood, dressed like a scary poll tax collector, I banged on a door and readied myself for my traditional Halloween scare-a-thon. To my surprise, it was Terry Cavanagh’s mansion. He gave me a hearty laugh and tipped a new Halloween-themed Dicey Dungeons update into my plastic pumpkin. His cute deckbuilding roguelike is now 100% more Halloweeny for the next week, all for free! Let’s see what he gave me, shall we?

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The update adds new episodes for the Warrior, the Witch, and the Inventor characters. The Warrior’s episode is a pretty normal challenge, but with a few Halloween twists that are secret (i.e. not in the press release). The Inventor’s new mode will start them off with “all-round extremely terrible equipment”. The Witch’s episode is six puzzles long, with set spells and dice, and you only have a single turn to beat each enemy. Thrown into the fights by Lady Luck herself are the Mummy, Demon, and Pumpkin Spice baddies, and the previous monsters are all in adorable outfits. There’s also a new puzzle mode, where the player is presented with a premade spellbook that they need to work out how to master.

The update is live on Steam and The patch notes say the update will last only a week, until November 4th. Don’t be too upset, as they’re a sneaky way of showing off the game’s upcoming modding tools. When the modding system is added during a future update, you’ll be able to dig up the Halloween content and animate it like Dr. Frankenstein.

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