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Dicey Dungeons biggest update yet adds new spells and re-rolls tricky challenges

Roll for intellect

Dice? Cards? I often feel Terry Cavanagh's quite brilliant little puzzler Dicey Dungeons could've easily been a board game. Thankfully, it's a videogame, meaning balance changes and new challenges don't require sourcing a printer to download pages and pages of errata.

All you need to get a hold of today's 1.5 update, the "biggest since launch", is a couple of minutes of internet access, and voila! New bonus rules, tweaked eliminations and a host of heartbreaking new spells for the most enchanting cuboid this side of the tabletop are all yours.

Dicey Dungeons's Witch is about to get a little bit more wicked. Among a platter of smaller tweaks, she can now pick up numerous spells that can apply Weaken to her foes. Winning or losing on the strength of her spellbook, the Witch is also getting an extra dice drop at level 4 to help her mess around with more arcane shenanigans.

Today's update also rerolls balance on Elimination Rounds. These mid-game episodes are meant to be challenging tests for your builds, but it sounds like people were having a rotten time bashing their heads against buffed-up baddies. To compensate, Terry's tuned back the enemy equipment boosts, while totally redesigning opponents like Aoife, Wicker Man and Sneezy.

Late-game bonus rounds received some love too, with seven new rules have been added to the round's bag of tricks. There's been a bit of additional tweaking on top of that, ensuring distribution of wacky rules feel more interesting.

Dicey Dungeons is tough stuff, deliberately so. These changes might scale things back a tad, but so much as needed to smooth out some of the game's harder difficulty spikes. Brendy wished the game was a little easier-going back in his Dicey Dungeons review, but otherwise had a grand old time turning into a wizard-terrorising bear.

Today's update drops for both Steam and dungeoneers. See the patch notes for more details. Cavanagh also teased future developments for Dicey Dungeons, including improved mod support and two entirely new baddies.

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