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Dicey Dungeons rolls out its free Reunion update in July

The DLC adds six new episodes, each with new rules

Charming roguelike deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons will see six new episodes added to its gameshow on July 7th in the free Reunion update for all players. Hailing from designer Terry Cavanagh, the DLC gives each of the base game’s six contestants an episode with “wildly new designs and rules”, the devs say. Play through all the episodes and you should get another 4 to 5 hours out of the game.

Dicey Dungeons free Reunion update adds new episodes, equipment and enemy layouts to the roguelike.Watch on YouTube

The update is called Reunion for a reason. Host of Dicey Dungeons Lady Luck has gathered the original six contestants back for a reunion special, but they won’t be facing familiar challenges this time around. Each episode chucks new elements at a contestant, such as equipment that can baffle the Thief’s penchant for pinching, and collecting sets of dice for the Warrior to level them. Cavanagh and co. say the DLC introduces completely new enemy layouts and fresh equipment to find.

Brendan reckoned the base game was more interesting than Slay The Spire in his Dicey Dungeons review. He just didn’t think its dice-based shenanigans had quite the same “crunchy feeling” of progression as Slay’s cards. “I can already feel my attention span drifting away from these grinning dicepeople and their ominous curse,” he said. “I know this is a psychological lab rat hangover from years of receiving piecemeal rewards in videogames, but what can an indoctrinated lab rat do? I want that milligram of cocaine.”

Dicey Dungeons is on Steam and GOG for £11/$15/€13, but there’s currently 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale. The game and Reunion DLC will be coming to mobile for iOS and Android on the same day too.

Disclosure: Pip Warr (RPS in Peace) did some writing for Dicey Dungeons.

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