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Dog Fight Dog: World Of Warplanes Has Modes

Whenever I see "World of Warplanes," I always read it as "World of Warp Lanes." I have no idea what a warp lane is, but I just wanted to share that with you. Anyway, World of Warplanes is rapidly making its way down the warp lane to completion, and - in order to make sure everything comes out just right - is narrowing its focus to a few select modes. Specifically, the latest developer diary highlights Superiority (think team deathmatch with a point-controlling twist), Escort, and Training - in Russian. Do those things strike your fancy? They should. And if not, well, let me also remind you that this is a fantastic opportunity to watch some planes go boom.

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As a fan of World of Tanks "semi-hardcore but definitely not a sim" approach, I'm really interested in seeing where this one goes. Also, Superiority sounds like an excellent central mode, given that it's fairly simple, yet also more multifaceted than a garden variety match of propeller-based shooty shooty bang bang.

Right now, the other WoW (maybe not the best call in terms of Google-ability, Wargaming) is in closed beta. There's currently no specific release date on the horizon, but you can write your name on the beta page - thus claiming it incontrovertibly as your own, unless someone else has licked it. Of course, you then have permission to tell on them, so it's actually pretty balanced as far as metagames go.

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