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Life Is Strange devs announce Twin Mirror


Following the teen drama of Life Is Strange and the bloodsucking drama of Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment are next applying their spooky sensibilities to a tale of a journalist returning to his home town. Publishers Bandai Namco today announced Twin Mirror, the Dontnod game they teased last year but had kept secret. Turns out, it's a "psychological thriller" story 'em up involving amnesia, investigation, and possibly a bar brawl with a ghost? Watch the announcement trailer below.

That there's Sam, an investigative journalist who returns to Basswood, West Virginia for an old friend's funeral, only to wake up one morning with a bloody shirt and no memories of last night. That sounds standard for many funerals I've attended, but I suppose Sam is worried he's a nut--crazy in the coconut--so he tries to find out what happened.

Bandai Namco says that we'll get to "dive into Sam's painful memories to personally and uniquely shape the investigation through a series of gut-wrenchingly impactful choices, each bringing the player one step closer to discovering both the truth, and their place in the world."

Mate, honestly, don't sweat it - someone at the next funeral will remind you of what happened that night, and by then you'll both find it quite funny. Life really is strange.

Twin Mirror is due out via Steam some time in 2019. For now, here's its website.

Dontnod are also working on a mysterious new Life Is Strange game, after another studio handled the prequel series Before The Storm. They have multiple teams, obviously. We've not heard from that since ooh E3 2017 or thereabouts, so I'm expecting more during E3 2018 next week.

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Twin Mirror

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