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Double up with two 64GB USB sticks for £6

Handy for file transfers, BIOS updates and much more.

It's not often that we write about deals that knock £2 off the usual price, but it's also rare to get the chance to pick up two 64GB USB flash drives for just £6. These drives are well worth picking up for transferring files between PCs, installing BIOS updates and backing up small but important files, which enough space to store some - but not all - music collections, game install directories and wallpaper packs.

We've covered a few of these drives in the past, and I've always been pleasantly surprised by the response to them. USB drives were a massive technological innovation growing up - you have seriously no idea how flimsy, slow and prone-to-damage floppy disks were and how amusingly common it was to have problems installing software or backing up files.

Still, it's easy to forget that USB drives have continued to evolve over the years, with faster storage, higher capacities and much lower prices. That keeps them in contention as useful devices to have around - even if their small size and low cost mean that they're a bit too easy to misplace or lend out without getting them back again. Dave, if you're reading this, I do need that Windows install drive back...

In any case, this is a solid deal on this capacity, especially as you're getting two drives for the money. If you'd prefer a larger drive, then consider something like this coloured 256GB stick for £13. You can get even bigger and faster USB sticks than that, but at some stage you're better off looking for a full portable SSD - which are now avaialble for as little as £28 for 256GB.

In any case, please regale me in the comments with your own USB drive / floppy disk stories and stay tuned for more tech deals as we find them!

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