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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Meet The Gang

BFFs with The Iron Bull

We've had the portentous "the world is ending and flames and demons and things" trailer for Dragon Age not-III, but perhaps more useful is this 'stand together' one, which shows off some of the party members you, as a titular Inquisitor, will be travelling/fighting/beast-with-two-backing with during the Bioware RPG. After all the recent hoo-hah about you-know-what, it's rather heartening to see that Bioware/EA has gone with narration and perspective from the woman version of the player-character for this video. Strange to think how familiar that currently-novel voice will likely to sound to my ears in a few months' time.

I think this is all in-engine rather than CGI shenanigans, though it's rather unlikely we'll be seeing such dramatic camera angles and close-ups outside of cutscenes.

AND MY AXE and so forth.

It's hard not to miss the old gang, much as some of them will inevitably pop up for cameos at least, but there's every chance that, come October, we'll be talking about these guys as fondly as we of Alistair, Shale et al. It's difficult to know from this EVERYONE IS INCREDIBLY GOOD AT FIGHTING trailer who I most want to make come-to-bed eyes. That won't happen until I've heard 'em speak and especially pun, but this much I know already: there's no way I'm not going into battle without a dude called The Iron Bull.

Ah, I so hope this one works out. I'm really in the mood for a big ol' Bioware romp. I'm making no judgements until the thing's actually on my PC though - grandiose dramatic footage, in-engine or no, says so little about the true experience of playing an RPG.

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