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Dragon Age: Origins

The Dragon Age site has changed to reveal a link to the already-populated forums, a subscription link for a newsletter, and a link to the apparently-in-engine trailer on GameTrailers. It has also picked up a subtitle, which is odd, because "origins" is usually a title you tag onto something further down the line, when you feel the need to do a prequel, right? Anyway, the not-actually-CGI trailer is after the jump.

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And I think the trailers coming out of E3 this year might just make me snap. I know I can be a bit of a fascist about cinematics and cutscenes generally, but in all seriousness: what value is the trailer for a game when it shows nothing of the game itself? The Dragon Age trailer is reportedly in-engine, but it shows us little more than that there might be fantasy battles in Dragon Age. Movie trailers only get away with not showing anything of the film when they're very clever indeed, and most FMV game trailers are not clever at all. We want to see actual game footage, even if it's a ludicrously faked-up impression of what the game might look like one day. Please? Thanks.

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