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Dragon Ramp Druid deck list guide - Descent of Dragons - Hearthstone (December 2019)

Unleash Ysera (and friends).

Dragon Ramp Druid is a Hearthstone deck that's not been a thing until this expansion. Cards like Breath of Dreams, Dragon Breeder and Ysera, Unleashed have made this archetype much more viable though, and we’re going to see a fair bit of experimentation with it.

The main goal here is to use your ramp cards to get a bunch of mana early, and from there play cards larger than you should be able to as early as possible. The main threats are your Dragons, and if you can get them played before your opponent can deal with it, you’re golden.

The brand new Dragons in both Druid and Neutral are beefing up this archetype significantly, and hopefully we’ll be seeing people experiment and maximise the utility of this deck.

Dragon Ramp Druid deck list and strategy

Here's the best version of Dragon Ramp Druid that we're aware of right now. If it continues being part of the meta then we'll continue updating our recommended list over time.

2 x Breath of Dreams2 x Dragon Breeder
2 x Wrath2 x Dragonmaw Poacher
2 x BEEEES!!!2 x Twilight Drake
2 x Ferocious Howl2 x Big Ol' Whelp
1 x Flobbidinous Floop2 x Dragonmaw Scorcher
2 x Swipe2 x Evasive Wyrm
2 x Emerald Explorer2 x Crowd Roaster
1 x Nourish
1 x Overflow
1 x Ysera, Unleashed

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These are the cards you’ll want to search for in your opening hand:

  • 1. Breath of Dreams is the entire point of this deck. You’ll usually have a Dragon in hand, so holding onto Breath of Dreams is vital to keeping your deck cycling and ramping as fast as possible.
  • 2. Breath of Dreams. Not joking, keep both if you can.
  • 3. Ferocious Howl helps you protect yourself with a bit of armor whilst cycling through your deck.
  • 4. BEEEES!!! is a solid removal card, whilst leaving minions on board to contest it while you wait for your mana to ramp up.

General strategy

You’re looking to survive long enough to make your extremely powerful late-game plays and flood the board with Dragons too big for your opponent to do anything about. Here’s how.

Early Game: Honestly, things rely quite a lot on you drawing Breath of Dreams early. If you can get yourself that extra mana crystal or two as soon as possible, you’ll be able to make enormous plays far faster than you should be able to.

Wrath and BEEEES!!! are present to keep control of the board, and if your opponent is playing Dragons, Dragonmaw Poacher is an excellent way to take them down and gain a hell of a lot of early tempo.

Mid Game: After boosting your mana levels, you can start playing out some big Dragon boys. Twilight Drake should benefit from your large hand size, and Big Ol' Whelp will keep it that way. We’re liking Evasive Wyrm too - it’s hard to remove given the fact it can’t be targeted, and deals with a threat on board with Rush and Divine Shield.

You can keep ramping with Nourish too, which gets you closer to being able to play Ysera, Unleashed. Emerald Explorer can Discover you a Dragon as well, so keep an eye out for large stats your opponent will struggle to get rid of consistently.

Late Game: You’re aiming to play Ysera, Unleashed for the big Battlecry. You then receive 7 random Dragons for free when you draw the Dream Portals shuffled into your deck. Overflow and Nourish are great ways to draw them out too, and you can potentially get an unassailable board through getting lucky here. If you played Ysera, Unleashed whilst Flobbidinous Floop was in hand too, you’ll be able to double up on that Battlecry, offering even more outrageous value late in the game.

Dragon Ramp Druid tips, combos and synergies

It’s a new archetype, but an easy one to wrap your head around. Here’s the basic info to keep in mind:

- A lot of your cards only trigger their effects when you’re holding another Dragon, such as Crowd Roaster and Breath of Dreams. Look out for the yellow highlighted border on these cards to confirm the effect will go off.

- Swipe is a decent card to keep your enemy’s board clear while you’re waiting for your ramp to take effect, but it can also be targeted at your enemy’s face to finish them with that extra bit of damage.

- Remember, Overflow heals both you and your opponent’s Heroes, so don’t accidentally put them out of lethal range.

- Flobbidinous Floop can become a copy of any card at all, but you have to be holding Floop when you play the initial card. The obvious choice is Ysera, Unleashed, but you’ll have a decent bit of success if you make an extra Dragonmaw Poacher to take down your enemy’s board of Dragons early on.

- Dragon Breeder is another way to get extra copies of your high-impact cards. Your Flobbidinous Floop copy of Ysera, Unleashed can be played on the same turn, giving you an extra copy and thus another big Battlecry to play.

- Your opponent can’t cast spells directly at Evasive Wyrm, so if you take out their only board presence with the card’s Rush and Divine Shield, they’ll struggle to do anything about it without minions of AOE damage.

- Dragonmaw Scorcher is a good way to get rid of wide boards of small minions, something you’ll be up against given the volume of aggro decks on the ladder.

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