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Dreadnought By A Long Shot: 10 Minutes Of Big Ships

Dreadnought half bad?

2015 is the year for multiplayer about slow moving hulks, if World of Warships and its flying, free-to-play, scifi equivalent Dreadnought [official site] are anything to go by. If you're tired of single-person fighter ships with their nippy antics, and what you really want is to crawl through the air while peppering sustained laser and rocket fire, then come watch ten minutes of the developers playing the game below.

There was a time when I'd have called this game an inevitable flop: moving slowly is frustrating, I'd have thought, and people want to bunnyhop and whirl around and be some version of Luke Skywalker. Maybe I'd have been right once, but there's enough evidence now to suggest that people also want strategy and tactics in multiplayer rumbles, which Dreadnoughts appears to provide through the positioning of its capital ships, the teamwork required in 5 vs 5 fights like the one below, and in the varied types and powers of the ships.

This isn't as big a leap for devleopers Yager as it might initially seem. Although best known for Spec Ops: The Line and Dead Island 2, their first two games were combat flight games, including the scifi game from which the studio takes its name.

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