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Druid decks

Every competitive Standard, Wild and budget Druid deck in Hearthstone.

For quite a long time Hearthstone's Druid hero provided a steady if somewhat uninspiring way to climb the ladder, with a focus on using class-specific spells to play more expensive cards sooner, before wrapping things up with a blistering damage combo. Thankfully, the last year or so of Hearthstone has added some much needed variety to the hero's toolset, and you'll find much to mess around with in our round-up of competitive Druid decks.

From this hub page - which we'll update continually over time - you'll be able to find every Druid deck that's currently worth playing in Hearthstone, whether you prefer to do battle in Standard or Wild. If a given deck stops being competitive in the course of time, we'll simply add a new section here and archive it, so you can still play around with it if you fancy something different.

We also plan to expand on budget options for the Druid too, so if you're coming back to the game after a break - and without much money to spend on the latest card packs - you'll still have access to decks that are at least somewhat competitive.

As with all things on Metabomb, these class deck hubs evolve and improve over time, and in order to do that we need your feedback. If there's a certain type of deck that you'd like us to cover, let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate the request next time we update this article!

Top Druid decks (Standard)

You'll find all of the most competitive Druid decks for the Standard format in this section. If you want to get an overview of all the current top-tier decks, make sure you take a look through our deck tier list when you're done here!

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Malygos DruidMalygos Druid (Standard) deck list and guide
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Token DruidToken Druid (Standard) deck list and guide

Astral Druid

This deck kind of hinges around you getting Astral Communion and Innervate in your opening hand so as to ensure a phenomenal start. If those cards prove stubbornly elusive, however, you do have a pretty strong ramp back-up plan.

Beast Druid

With Beast Druid, you hope to field a pretty meaty board early on with your Beast-class cards, then supercharge them with any of the many boosts that you have at your disposal. Not one for new players, but a very satisfying way to clatter through the competition.

Jade Druid Druid

Jade Druid is a deck built around the new Jade Golem mechanic. By ramping up into these creatures, you can very quickly create an intimidating board for your opponent to have to deal with.

Malygos Druid

Malygos Druid is the big spell-based deck in this collection. Control the board, gather together the titular card along with a collection of spells, then use Emperor Thaurissan to ensure a massive, game-ending volley on the subsequent turn. Hopefully...

Ramp Druid

Ramp Druid is as old as Hearthstone itself, and focuses on using cards like Innervate and Wild Growth to reach into your meatier minions far earlier than the opponent can access their own. In this way, you hope to place an intimidating presence onto the board and then snowball things over the finishing line from there.

Token Druid

Token Druid shares some philosophical similarities with Beast Druid, in that you want to spread yourself a nice wide board of minions, and then empower them with spells to help deliver an almighty turn that should hopefully send the opponent packing. Again, not a deck that's particularly friendly to newcomers.

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Top Druid decks (Wild)

If you've been playing the game for a very long time - or you just happen to have a healthy collection of cards regardless - then you might want to try these Druid decks when you're climbing the Wild ladder.

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Aggro Druid

Wild Aggro Druid is a pretty simple proposition, and has you relentlessly slamming damage into the opponent's health pool in order to finish the match before they can mount a defensive or offensive fighting force of their own.

Beast Druid

See our description of the Standard version for an overview of this deck archetype.

Egg Druid

This tempo-orientated deck allows you to field sticky minions onto the board that aren't too powerful at first glance, but can be very cheaply powered up to do more meaningful work. A bit of an oddity this one, but you might find some success with it.

Ramp Druid

See our description of the Standard version for an overview of this deck archetype.

Budget and free Druid decks

If you're either very new to Hearthstone - or you just have limited funds to spend on picking up new card packs - you might want to take a look at the following free and budget options for the Druid hero.

DeckFeatured guides
Basic Free DruidThe best Basic starter decks in Hearthstone

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