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Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer: is multiplayer coming to the game?

When can we expect multiplayer in Dyson Sphere Program?

Dyson Sphere Program appeared to arrive in Early Access out of nowhere, and is currently dazzling players with its polish, ambition, and gorgeous planetary vistas. But any vista is always best enjoyed with others, so today we're going to answer all your questions about the idea of a Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer mode. Does it exist? How might it look? And when could it be played? Find out below.

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Is Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer?

Currently, Dyson Sphere Program does not have any multiplayer functionality. It is a purely singleplayer experience. This much is to be expected for a game that has only just begun its Early Access journey. So, how about a more intriguing and less straightforward question...

Is Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer coming?

Considering the number of players who are already clamouring for multiplayer, the topic is conspicuously missing from the Dyson Sphere Program roadmap set out on its Steam page. There's a lot of talk about polishing existing features and adding lots of new stuff to explore, but nothing at all on the concept of exploring all that new stuff with friends.

The closest thing to an answer that we've found is a comment on the Dyson Sphere Program subreddit from user "-Pulz", one of the DSP Discord and subreddit moderators and a kickstarter backer:

"The game is singleplayer only and there are no plans for multiplayer right now. It hasn't been ruled out, just not planned right now. With that said, since modding support is planned you may see the community put something together, and maybe when the game is finished the developers will have a look into multiplayer."

So, multiplayer is not planned, but it hasn't been ruled out either. That means it's almost certain we won't see any official Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer while the game is in Early Access.

However, it's not a definitive "never". The Dyson Sphere Program developers may soon wish to give the possibility of multiplayer renewed attention given the playerbase's immediate hunger for it, and the fact that the game's main competitors in the genre have full multiplayer functionality. Just to put things in perspective though: Factorio didn't have multiplayer until two years after its arrival. So who knows?

And with that, we'll wrap up this short discussion on the possibility of a Dyson Sphere Program multiplayer mode in the future. In the meantime, why not get your newest factory off to a roaring start with our guide to getting set up in the first hour? Alternatively, for more general tips and strategies be sure to consult our top Dyson Sphere Program tips and tricks page.

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