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Dyson Sphere Program Sulfuric Acid: how to get infinite Sulfuric Acid

Oceans of Sulfuric Acid for free

Dyson Sphere Program forces players to make use of a great many different materials and resources, one of which is Sulfuric Acid. Without this crucial substance, you can't hope to reach the later stages of the game. This Dyson Sphere Program Sulfuric Acid guide will show you how to create Sulfuric Acid from scratch, before explaining why you may not need to create as much as you thought.

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Dyson Sphere Program Sulfuric Acid overview

Sulfuric Acid is a mid-game component in Dyson Sphere Program, and it's required for a fair few very important things, which we'll talk about in more detail below.

Sulfuric Acid is created in a Chemical Plant. Here's what you'll need:

  • 6x Refined Oil
  • 8x Stone Ore
  • 4x Water

This recipe will output 4 Sulfuric Acid each time, and takes 6 seconds to complete in a Chemical Plant.

It's a pretty costly thing to produce in bulk. The water isn't too bad, but the stone ore demand is very high, and - even worse - you'll need a large-scale production of Refined Oil to create lots of Sulfuric Acid from scratch.

You may need to craft a fair amount of Sulfuric Acid to begin with, but as you progress you may find that crafting it from scratch is not your only option.

Naturally occurring Sulfuric Acid oceans

By far the easiest and most useful source of Sulfuric Acid is a planet which contains whole oceans of acid. If you find one of these planets, then you can use a basic Water Pump to directly pump Sulfuric Acid into your production chains.

After researching the necessary level of the Universe Exploration upgrade line, you'll be able to view the naturally-occurring resources and materials on different planets. Click on a planet in the Starmap (hotkey "V"), and take a look at the "Ocean Type" line on the right-hand side of the screen. If it says Sulfuric Acid, then you're in luck. That planet will solve all your Sulfuric Acid needs.

Why do you need Sulfuric Acid?

So, what's the deal with Sulfuric Acid? Why is it so important? Well, the main reason is that without Sulfuric Acid you'll be unable to craft purple (or later) Matrix Cubes, meaning you'll be barred from various future technologies until you start producing (or harvesting) Sulfuric Acid.

Aside from this, Sulfuric Acid forms part of the primary recipe for Graphene, which is used in most mid-to-late-game structures, from Logistics Stations to Miniature Particle Colliders and more.

Now that you know everything you need to know about obtaining Sulfuric Acid in Dyson Sphere Program, you may wish to peruse our other guides to learn more about different aspects of this phenomenally ambitious factory-building game? We'd recommend starting with our Dyson Sphere Program tips and tricks page.

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