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Dyson Sphere Program Logistics Stations: every Logistics Station type explained

Use Logistics Stations to transport materials between planets and star systems

Logistics Stations are an essential part of any Dyson Sphere Program game. Without these costly and towering creations, you'll be unable to transport cargo between different planets. But they can be pretty tricky to wrap your head around, so our Dyson Sphere Program Logistics Stations guide will walk you through every type of Logistics Station in the game and how you can use each one to fulfil your cargo transportation needs.

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Dyson Sphere Program Logistics Stations

Logistics Stations are Dyson Sphere Program's answer to the problem of transporting cargo off-world. Once you progress beyond red Matrix cubes, you'll quickly discover that you'll need to travel off-world in order to gather enough Titanium for your needs. And that's just the first of many, many instances where you'll need to start transporting resources to and from different planets and even star systems.

Logistics Stations are giant towering structures that act as hubs for Logistics Drones and Logistics Vessels. These ships will automatically travel from Station to Station in order to supply everywhere with the required amounts and types of materials.

There are three different types of Logistics Stations and new players are often confused by what makes them different from each other. So let's take a closer look at each station in turn.

Planetary Logistics Station

  • Required Technology: Planetary Logistics System
  • Recipe:
    • 40x Steel
    • 40x Titanium Ingot
    • 40x Processor
    • 20x Particle Container
    • Takes 20 seconds

Planetary Logistics Stations are the basic kind of station. They will only allow you to transport cargo to other Logistics Stations on the same planet. If you want to transport cargo between different planets, you'll need the Interstellar Logistics Station.

These Logistics Stations act as gigantic storage facilities by default, and can be directly fed materials by belts. But the magic happens when you supply them with one or more Logistics Drones, and then set a supply or demand of a certain item type.

The most basic type of Logistics System is this:

  • One Logistics Station which is set to supply an item (let's say Iron Ingots).
  • Another Logistics Station on the same planet, which is set to demand Iron Ingots.

With this setup, any Drones placed in either Station will start to automatically pick up Iron Ingots from the first Station, and drop them into the second Station, where they can be belted out to the areas that need them.

Interstellar Logistics Station

  • Required Technology: Interstellar Logistics System
  • Recipe:
    • 1x Planetary Logistics Station
    • 40x Titanium Alloy
    • 20x Particle Container
    • Takes 30 seconds

Interstellar Logistics Stations are bigger and more expensive to produce than regular Logistics Stations. The key difference is that Interstellar Stations enable transportation of cargo between other Interstellar Stations on different planets.

With Interstellar Logistics Stations, you'll need to specify not only whether an item is there for supply or demand, but also whether it's part of a local (i.e. same planet) or remote (i.e. between different planets) network.

Interstellar Logistics Stations can house both Logistics Drones and Logistics Vessels, but the Drones can only do transportation tasks that are limited to the same planet, while the Vessels can only do transportation tasks between different planets.

It's worth noting that each Interstellar Logistics Station and Logistics Vessel requires Titanium to produce, and you also need Titanium to create the Yellow Matrix cubes required to unlock the Interstellar Logistics Stations in the first place, so at first you'll likely need to do some manual transporting of Titanium within your mech, before later setting up Logistics Stations to automatically transport said Titanium.

Orbit Collector

  • Required Technology: Gas Giants Exploitation
  • Recipe:
    • 1x Interstellar Logistics Station
    • 50x Super-Magnetic Ring
    • 20x Reinforced Thruster
    • 20x Full Accumulator
    • Takes 30 seconds

Finally there's the Orbit Collector, which is a bit of a special case when it comes to Logistics Stations. This gigantic structure can only be placed on a Gas Giant, and it can only be placed exactly on the equator of said Gas Giant.

It will then proceed to suck up any resources it can harvest from the Gas Giant, and store them in itself, ready to be collected by Vessels belonging to Interstellar Logistics Stations that have a demand for those resources.

Orbit Collectors don't house any Drones or Vessels of their own. They're just used as pick-up points for other Vessels.

Alright, those are the three types of Logistics Station in Dyson Sphere Program explained. Hopefully that's answered a few of your burning questions. Now why not check out our guide on how to get infinite Sulfuric Acid for your factories?

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