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Elastic Dreams: Starbound's Grappling Hook

You will find me among the stars.

I am in danger of becoming over-excited about Starbound, but it looks so darned charming. If it were a baby, it would have dimples and would giggle at everything, and my girlfriend wouldn't want to spend anytime with it in case I end up broody. Today's over-excited squee from me comes from the reveal of the grappling hook technology. It's a first-look, so there's a lot that needs tweaked and fixed, but grappling hooks, people! Hooks that grapple! There's a video of it below, as well as an hour-and-a-half playthrough with the developers.

That is the final piece in the puzzle for me. It had jetpacks, space, and co-op, and now grappling hooks. Now my mind is reeling: can we attach them to other people? Can we have a huge, dangling line of friends, all gripping on to each other in a giggling rope of fun? That has to happen.

The longer video shows the devs kicking off with a fight, and while it's not a video you should watch if you're looking for deep chat about the game's mechanics, there are explanatory moments dotted throughout the PvP antics. It's good to see the old jump-and-place-a-block-beneath-the-character climbing technique is in there. I feel cheated when games don't let me do that

Okay, an extra bonus video that I missed in previous round-ups has emerged. Singing tech.

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