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Endless Space 2 adds eggheaded clonefolk faction

Oh my!

Look, I trust you're a sensible sort who'd sooner pluck out thine eye than read video game loreblasts but... check out this backstory for the latest faction added to strategy 'em Endless Space 2 [official site] on its journey through early access.

"Incredibly wealthy and only slightly less deranged, Horatio was a trillionaire who left to discover his own star cluster. Finding a planet sprinkled with labs of ancient cloning technology left by the Endless, the boredom soon drove Horatio to create a race of allies, servants, and slaves who were every bit as gorgeous as the most beautiful person in the universe--Horatio. Once the planet was repopulated, Horatio the First had only to look up, regard the stars, and realise how much beautiful they, too, would be if they were filled with... Horatios. The rest, as they say, is history."

Amazing. And with an egg head like that! Let's crack on with the rest of the update.

So! That's The Horatio, a faction added in yesterday's update. Amplitude say that they have the handy power "assimilate the DNA of other factions into the Horatio gene pool, effectively gaining the advantages of the absorbed population and adding it to the effects of Horatio population."

And they can't assimilate DNA for hair?

Check the patch notes for the full scoop on the update, which also includes new victory conditions, new minor factions, and a touch of deck-building action with 'Battle Play Cards'. This trailer goes over a lot of it:

Watch on YouTube

Still no firm word on when Endless Space 2 will leave Steam Early Access and properly launch. Adam played ES2 when it first hit beta and has decided he'll not return until it's done, prefering to wait until it's all shiny and polished.

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