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Endless Space 2 rouses an ancient race in Awakening expansion

Wakey wakey, eggs and spacey!

Amplitude Studios may be working on a new Civ-ish 4X strategy game retelling human history, the recently-announced Humankind, but they're not out of wild and fanciful sci-fi histories either. Today they released a new Endless Space 2 expansion adding an interesting new faction named the Nakalim. They're a once-great empire who went dormant after their gods were killed and are now trying to secure their galactic position in anticipation of their gods returning. I do appreciate how Amplitude create factions who are more than your usual "they're Klingons - but bugs!" or "they're Borg - but less 90s!" Come meet the Nakalim.

"Typically, what ES2 factions have in common is that they start the game focused on growth and expansion," Amplitude explain. "As the Nakalim, however, you will begin as an extremely technologically advanced society that has recently been awakened from a dormant state. Your mission will not be to expand, but rather to seek ancient relics and reconquer lost lands, and to maintain your lead all the while staving off decline."

A good concept. I could not tell you how that feels to play, but the concept is great. They look cracking too.

The expansion also adds a new Minor Faction, the "Dust-sensitive philosophers" of Xirmisala. It expands the role of the Academy too, making them more of an empire who can expand and grow and will offer rewards if you help.

Endless Space 2: Awakening is out now on Steam for £11/€13/$13. You'll need the base game, obvs.

If you've missed the game thus far, do check out our Endless Space 2 review for effusive praise from our former Adam (RPS in peace) and our declarion that it's one of the best PC strategy games. As for Humankind, our Alice Bee recently saw a bit and had a chat with Amplitude at Gamescom.

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