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Endless Space 2 properly launching on May 19th

3... 2... 1...

"I'm not planning to go back until the Early Access period is done," our Adam said after playing the initial release of Endless Space 2 [official site]. It's not that Amplitude's 4X space strategy sequel was bad, more he'd much rather wait then get to know the full, complete game. Sounds sensible! Adam, and all y'all who held back, get out your pens, glue, glitter, and sticky stars and decorate Friday, May 19th something cosmic on your calendar. That's when Sega have announced Endless Space 2 will launch, see. You can also decorate other days, if you'd like.

Amplitude launched Endless Space 2 into early access in October 2016, saying they weren't sure how long it'd take. They're old hands at this, though, having already taken several splendid Endless games through early access to completion. Seven months for ES2 isn't bad.

Back to some of Adam's thoughts:

"Most likely, I will wait for the full release, so that I can embrace the elegance of the interface rather than fretting about whether I’m missing anything. It’s not that Endless Space 2 feels particularly complex, it's more a case of recognising that Amplitude have created another game where the strengths are found in unusual corners, particularly the management of populations and migration. The strong focus on factions within a species seems like a fantastic way to expand on the distinctive playstyles and rulesets associated with each race."

I'm sure he'll tell us all a lot about those unusual corners come May.

Amplitude say that the first Endless Space will be down to £1 from today until Monday, but that's not up yet. That'll include the Disharmony DLC too, which will be now given free to folks who already own the base game.

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