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Oh! Epic's Paragon Is Totes A MOBA

Third-person shootyness

Oh! Oh! Epic's mysterious new game Paragon [official site] is a MOBA! They finally explained that over the weekend, and I missed it because I'd stopped looking after a string of boring videos showing renders of generic characters posing. But! It's a MOBA, as you may have guessed. It looks like it's doing your usual MOBA things, but playing as a third-person shooter rather than a top-down clicky thing. Onwards to videos!

Here's the first 'gameplay' trailer, for starters:

Cover image for YouTube video

That's some third-person shooting all right, aye? It's also got 'cards' to collect and build into a deck, which sound like activatable special boosts and abilities - a bit like Paladins is also trying. Beyond that, Epic are going for the traditional lane-pushing bits, as the website mutters about "5v5. Three lanes. Jungles. Minions. Towers. Cores." That's a MOBA all right!

Epic say Paragon will get "paid Early Access" in spring 2016 then enter open beta in the summer, which sounds to me like it'll be free-to-play. It'll also be on PlayStation 4, with cross-platform play between the two.

And if you want to listen to M83 this morning, here's the 'announcement' trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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