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Paragon Gets A New Hero, The Countess

"Count"ing on gore

Epic Games' free-to-play MOBA Paragon [official site] received a spooky new hero this week, the Countess. She's a lean, mean, fighting machine, and specializes in misdirection and unpredictability. You can utilize her best in hit-and-fade type attacks as she's an expert at picking off single targets quickly and then vanishing before the opposition can react.

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Countess looks pretty neat, but getting a lip ring as a vampire is probably not the best idea. She's her own woman though, and she's gonna show her individuality no matter how inconvenient it is.

Just in time for Halloween, where you can go and live out your fantasies of being a vampire like it were early 2000s AOL Vampyre Tavern. I definitely didn't do that, but I heard stories of people who'd refer to themselves as the "mun" of their Vampyre Character while pretending to be a bartender in a dank old pub rife with 18/F/NY Vampyres and their boyfriends. I don't think Paragon is anything like that, though.

Paragon is free-to-play from Epic's website.

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