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Talk about: Epic's Paragon adding pop star warrior

Let's watch some music videos

1) I am delighted that Paragon, the Epic Games MOBA whose characters mostly resemble GrIm and GrItTy Todd McFarlane toys, has released a music video to announce that its next warrior is a pop star.

2) I'm disappointed that Shinbi's costume is so bland! She seems to be a generic idea for a generic K-pop or J-pop star (or A-pop, Pip suggests, thanks to the game's setting of Agora) but K-pop stars usually look amazing, especially when they're going into battle. Allow me to demonstrate via the medium of music videos.

So here's Shinbi, in a video which made me spam Pip with messages like "AMAZING" and "what's happening" and "what" and "WHAT":

Watch on YouTube

Seeing a character like this in Paragon is so unexpected, especially as she's singing (you can download the song from Soundcloud). She's "Omeda City's biggest pop star," Epic say, and uses spirit wolves to dazzle crowds during shows then murder people on the battlefield.

But she's so bland. It's such a cheesy outfit. She looks more like Final Fantasy X's pop star protagonist Yuna dressed for the beach than someone founded in actual pop music, which is a shame given how well popstars dress for battle:

Here are K-pop girl group 2NE1 smashing the cyberstate:

Watch on YouTube

Look at the amazing dresses Japanese idol band Babymetal wear into battle:

Watch on YouTube

And 2NE1's CL on her own, wearing a bomber jacket over a biker jacket when she's looking to get rowdy:

Watch on YouTube

Brown Eyed Girls land somewhere between Tarantino and disco cowboy with Kill Bill:

Watch on YouTube

And even though these costumes in T-ARA's Sexy Love video look quite stereotypical video game-y, they have some fun elements like spangly sequinned jumpsuits and huge jewel-encrusted fascinators:

Watch on YouTube

Anyway. Shinbi is coming to Paragon next Tuesday, February 21st. You can read more about her and her abilities this-a-way.

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