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Eurogamer WiC Review, Sov Ass Unlock

It's a genuine relief that Ubisoft gave Massive Entertainment a new home, they're a development studio I'd hate to see disappear. I've spent the past few days getting back into World In Conflict, and I've enjoyed it enormously - particularly the multiplayer, which is as rapid and engaging as ever. My thoughts are expanded in wordy fashion in this Eurogamer review. I should stress that this is a review of World In Conflict: Complete, rather than just the Soviet Assault add-on, which is tough to recommend to anyone who has played the original campaign. If you haven't played this most beautiful of RTS games, however, now is an excellent time to pick up the full thing. I believe World In Conflict: Complete is out now in shops and on Steam.

I've posted the unlock cheat for opening all the campaign missions in Soviet Assault (and therefore getting straight to the new stuff) beneath the cut.

1. Create a shortcut to wic.exe and add go into its properties (right-click on the shortcut and select "properties"). Add "-console" in the "target" box. Like:
C:\games\World in conflict\wic.exe" -console

2. Start the game and begin a new campaign. Start the first mission (let it load). Exit to menu.

3. Bring the the console using the ~ key (the one to the left of the 1 key). Type unlockallmaps and hit return.

The new missions are now visible (in communist yellow) in the "Campaign" tab of the Single Player menu!

Thanks, Magnus.

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