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Eve Online's Triglavian invasion story arc is finally coming to an end

It's no Trivialavian affair

The space-a-thon MMO, Eve Online is wrapping up its current invasion story arc that's taken place over the last year or so. Those pesky Triglavians have been up to no good - first they invaded and now they've just gotten far too powerful, and it looks like it's up to you to deal with them once and for all - or join them and assist said invasion, up to you really. The culmination of this story kicks off today, and with it comes a big makeover for the Abyssal Proving Grounds as well.

This update, with the excellent sci-fi name Quadrant 3: Zenith, follows on from the last two "Quadrants" (CCP Games' way of introducing smaller, more frequent updates) where we've seen these invaders rise to power. According to the devs, the outcome of these events depends on the players - who you decide to ally with could very well influence Eve's universe.

It's not just more story stuff that's inbound today, though, there's also an update to Eve's PvP areas, the Abyssal Proving Grounds. The devs are introducing a new thing called Proving Filaments, which you can use to warp from any point in space directly to an Abyssal Proving Ground, so you pick fights with other players even faster. Other new additions to the Proving Grounds include different combat formats, specific ship classes, new leaderboards and some lovely new Triglavian-themed settings.

As always with all these sorts of updates, Zenith is also bringing with it some new live events, balance changes, visual upgrades, and all that good stuff.

If, like me, some of this technobabble has left you a bit confused, Sin does a fab job of explaining what's been happening with the Triglavian invasion story so far right here.

Eve Online is free-to-play, and you can download it from Steam or through its own client.

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