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Everything announced and featured at Day Of The Devs 2024 in one place

Seven exclusive announcements and a load more exciting indies!

Day Of The Devs 2024
Image credit: Day Of The Devs

This year’s Day Of The Devs boasted an entire seven exclusives, plus a load of other nifty features and previews for exciting indies we already knew about, but are no less excited to be reminded of. It’s been over ten years now since Tim Schafer and the folks at Double Fine kicked off the non-profit initiative to help shine a spotlight on games what they thought were nice. No way! I love games what I think are nice! Here’s everything from Day Of The Devs 2024, dutifully arranged for your clicking pleasure.

Seeing Stars is the new DLC for A Little To The Left

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Rachel (RPS in peace) really enjoyed this cosy tidying game, and now there's more to come soon!

After Love EP is a shoegazey journey set in Jakarta

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A heartfelt, music-tinged non-violent game set in modern day Jakarta. Here's a demo.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure looks mind-bending in a nice way

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The high concept to this puzzle game makes my head hurt a little, but it's immediately soothed by the very large squirrels in the background.

Battle Vision Network is the PvP follow-up to Grindstone

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I can only imagine that Katharine (RPS in peace) is both overjoyed and utterly horrified at what this means for her free time.

Building Relationships takes a pun and runs with it

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As a lover of taking a pun and running with it until the wheels fall off, I fully support this. Here's a demo.

Cairn is a survival climber

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Looks like a more intense Jusant, which I'm well up for!

Cozy Grove Camp Spirit has some lovely bears in it

Lovely, lovely, lovely bears.

Fear the Spotlight is a Blumhouse teen horror

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All my opinions on Blumhouse come from Red Letter Media, so I won't comment.

Hello Again is the 'world's cosiest time-loop'

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It does look cosy, although surely they can squeeze in a little existential dread, as a treat.

Karma: The Dark World is a dystopian sci-fi journey

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Psychological horror set in 1984 East Germany. A grab-bag of dys-tropia, but looks interesting nonetheless.

Koira is about protecting a puppy

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I mean, you're not going to not help the dog, are you?

Petal Runner is about being a Tamagotchi courier

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Lovely GBA-style visuals in this one.

Phoenix Springs is a gorgeous point n' clicker

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A neo-noir adventure game with some seriously arresting visuals.

Psychroma is a striking cyberpunk hell

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Gorgeous and grimy in equal measure. Here's a demo.

Screenbound is so clever it makes my face hurt

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Very much a case of a picture (or a picture-within-a-picture) being worth a thousand words here.

Simpler Times is a meditative chill explorer

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The most wholesome game that ever wholesomed? You can decide yourself with this demo.

Tides of Tomorrow has a lot of water in it

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Please, insert 40 quarters.

Tom the Postgirl is a surreal mystery

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The Steam page has 'point n' click' crossed out and replaced with 'walk n' stalk'.

UFO50 finally has a release date - September 18th

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Six years! The above trailer is from six years ago! Six years all leading up to this September! Six years!

While Waiting is a game about waiting

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No need to wait to check it out though. There's a demo here.

Zoochosis has sullied giraffes for the remainder of eternity

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Even worse, that pizza crust is far too thick.

I don’t like to pick favourites... so I won’t! It’s called integrity. Maybe you should try it sometime, Johnny Favourite Game. Johnny Always-Picks-A-Favourite-Game. Anyway, you lot aren’t bound to the same rigorous standards, so let me know in the comments. What’s your favourite(s) from the list? I promise I won’t email all the other devs and tell them you hate them. We're not done with June's frankly preposterous onslaught of games just yet, so make sure to check out our Summer Game Fest 2024 and Wishlisted Next Fest zones! I'm calling them 'zones' now, and there's nothing you can do about it.

The flurry of summer games events are now underway! Hit up our Summer Game Fest 2024 hub and our Day Of The Devs roundup for all the news worth caring about from the shows so far.

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