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Evil Genius 2 deploys devilish traps and goons in new trailer

Practice your laugh now, villains

You just can't keep a good villain down, huh? While somewhat unfortunate for us in the real world, it's fantastic news for devilish scheme 'em up Evil Genius 2. Spoiling their schemes with a new "gameplay" trailer aired during tonight's PC Gaming show, developers Rebellion revealed a few of the fiendish new traps henchmen heading to their sunny bad guy management sim later this year.

Two years after announcing the supervillain sequel, Rebellion monologued their plans for world domination lair management sequel Evil Genius 2. Dont'cha know that's just giving the goodie time to foil it, guys?

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The first Evil Genius, I'm told, was quite good - a campy, spytech take on Dungeon Keeper that put you in the finely-ironed suit of a megalomaniacal supervillain. Tasked with building out a labyrinthine underground lair, you'd fill it with wildly complex traps while hiring all manner of goons and henchmen to patrol its halls. All of this in service of keeping well-spoken goodies from foiling your plans to blow up the moon or embezzle taxpayer funds. Whatever evil folks are up to these days.

For the most part, Evil Genius 2 is sticking close to its forebear. Stylish new henchmen can be hired to patrol the halls for intruders or sent on heists across the globe, while new components should make crafting overly-complicated traps more satisfying than ever. We don't get many of these games these days, and a sequel's also a good shot at bringing the game's Austin Powers aesthetic screaming into modernity.

Assuming plans go off without a hitch, Evil Genius 2 should arrive on Steam later this year.

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