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Evil Genius 2 shows off getting good at being bad

Middle management is always evil

Baddie strategy simulation Evil Genius 2 is due out in March this year, but you can catch a look at the dastardly deeds you'll be organising in a new gameplay video narrated by the developers at Rebellion. It's a proper manage 'em up, though you'll of course be trying to take over the world instead of save it.

You won't be off on evil capers yourself, of course, oh no. That's the curse of management. You'll stay home to build and defend your lair while training minions who go out to get their hands dirty for you. You can see some of the evil unfold in this here video where the developers walk through some bits you'll get introduced to in the tutorial.

Cover image for YouTube videoEvil Genius 2 - Gameplay with Developer Commentary

Building and delegating is nice and all, but you'll have a bit of action visit your lair at times too. Rebellion explain that agents of good will sometimes show up to investigate your operation and it'll be up to you to figure out how to dispatch them. If they find something fishy, they'll report back to their bosses, which could lead to bigger and gooder enemies showing up at your door. Killing them can also create suspicion though.

They also cover the basics of training minions, recruiting powerful henchmen, scouting out criminal networks, and all the other things you'll need to do keep the lair running smoothly.

You can find Evil Genius 2 over on Steam where it will launch plans for world domination on March 30th.

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