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Evil Genius 2 will get new geniuses, lairs and more in post-launch updates

Some free updates, and some for a price

Mining new rooms out of the ground is far more satisfying than creating them via erecting walls, isn't it? Humans are dolts; badgers have got it figured out. That's my lesson from the new Evil Genius 2 trailer. It's a cinematic, leading into a breakdown of the dastardly management game's features, but mostly I'm just thinking about much I want to tell tiny men to clear out some rocks.

The trailer was released alongside details of the game's photo mode and post-launch update plans.

First, here's the trailer:

I hadn't been paying Evil Genius 2 much notice, personally. I've no nostalgia for the original, because it seemed at the time like an off-brand Dungeon Keeper clone, but this video made me want to play this revival. Well done, video.

After the game's release on March 30th, developers Rebellion will turn towards paid and free post-launch updates. Those updates will include a campaign pack, which will add a new playable Genius and island lair, while other packs will add new henchmen, minions types, room types, traps and more.

You'll be able to buy these updates individually, or a season pass that will give you eventual access to the additional campaign pack, two henchmen packs, two minion packs, and a lair item pack.

Evil Genius 2's photo mode meanwhile sounds like fairly standard stuff. It'll give you camera options like field of view, depth of field and focal distance, and the ability to apply filters and overlays. I can't imagine getting excited about photography in a management game of this type, but it's nice to have anyway.

All being well, we'll have a review of Evil Genius 2 ahead of release.

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